I would like to thank AmnesicCat and LaSolistia for translating almost all of the synopsis

Again just hover on on JP title link to see synopsis, if Translated Title has a link, it means it had translation

Note on Rank 3 on Main, Oniichanyamete was translating that novel but when he asked the author for permission, the author declined and now the translation is locked down

Main Ranking

Rank JP Title Translated Title
1 LV 999 no Murabito LV 999 Villager
2 Isekai ni kanaderu densetsu ~toki wo tomeru mono~ Play as a legend in a different world ~Someone who stop time~
3 Yasei no rasubosu ga arawareta! A wild last boss has appeared! 
4 Kujonin Extermination Man
5 Tensei shitara ken shita sakusha I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

Moonlight Ranking

Rank JP Title Translated Title
1 Hakushaku-sama to Koi no Kara Sawagi The Count and Much Ado About Love
2 Toshiue Osananajimi no Waka Okusama ni Narimashita I became the young wife of my older childhood friend
3 Akuma no Sasayaki The Devil’s Whisper
4 Kachou ni XX o mirarete shimaimashita I Was Seen Doing XX by the Section Chief
5 Hakkotsu no Anata ni Zoumotsu to Ai o Entrails and Love Unto the Skeleton You

Nocturne Ranking

Rank JP Title Translated Title
1 Danjon Gurashi no Moto Yuusha The Former Hero’s Dungeon Life
2 Dare hen Kore ga Dare ni demo Henshin dekiru Ningyo kaa (Giji Saimin・Tousaku) Someone is Weird, This Doll can Transform Itself into Anyone  (Psuedo Hypnosis ・Perversion)
3 Isekai ni Ittara Seidorei o Motsu no ga Joshikideshita It’s Common Sense that When You Go to Another World, You Get Yourself Some Sex Slaves
4> Joudan Mitaina Chiito Nouryouku de Isekai ni Tensei shi, Sukikatte suru Hanashi The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheaty Power
5 Niku Benki Haha to Onaho Musume Meat Toilet Mom and Fleshlight Daughter


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  1. JPTitle
    1,LV 999 no Morabito → LV999 no murabito
    4.Kujo Hito → Kujonin
    5.Tensei shitara ken shita sakusha → Tensei shitara ken desita

    1.Danjon Kurashi no Moto Yuusha → Danjon Gurashi no Moto Yuusha

  2. is the link for Meat Toilet Mom and Fleshlight Daughter correct cause am sent to Father is a combatant(お父さんは戦闘員)

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