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Translation Helper Tool is a line-by-line sentence parser designed to help JP Machine Translators and Machine-Assisted Translators speed up their translation, the reason is that most of the time is spent on highlighting and copying sentences for Translation Aggregator to automatically generate the machine translation or pasting it on some other online dictionary/translation site.

The program was based on the Translation app developed by Verse of VerseTranslation. Their app was developed using Auto-Hotkey scripting language. I decided to make my own version because there was some features that I wanted to implement and I didn’t knew how to script using Auto-Hotkey to modify their source. So I developed my own version using a programming language I knew, Visual Basic.


  • Break up paragraphs into separate sentences.
  • Each raw sentences is automatically copied to the clipboard.
  • Improve machine translations by swapping terms saved in the glossary before copying it to clipboard.
  • Multiple glossary profiles can be made for different projects you are working on.
  • Maintain paragraph structure on the top and bottom review boxes.
  • Calculate actual progress by computing only lines that have translation entry (Can be hidden).
  • Calculate total translated words.
  • Unobtrusive spell checker (will only underline, in red, the words that are spelled incorrectly. With option to add to custom dictionaries)
  • Shortcuts to insert special punctuation (Single Quote「 」, Double Quote『 』, Lenticular【】,Ellipsis …, Wave Dash 〜, Single Title Bracket 〈 〉, Double Title Bracket, 《 》, and Long Dash ー)
  • Auto-save every time you press Enter
  • Quick navigation. Double Click on a raw sentence on either the Top or Bottom review boxes and it will jump to that line
  • Always on Top option
  • Text to Speech function using Microsoft Speech Server Platform 11 with support for JP (Haruka) and CN (Hui Hui) texts.


  • Built-in Mecab/JParser and online translation results (So i could get rid of Translation Aggregator entirely)



  • Download the EXE file and place it on your preferred folder.
  • 1st run of the program, it will create a profile folder and the default profile file.
  • Quick Start Guide is shown when starting the program.


Start Up Screen:

Creating New File:

Translating (with Translation Aggregator in Action):

Glossary Swap and Profile:

Special Punctuations:

Spell Checker and Add to Dictionary

If you found any bugs just leave a comment, I will hear feature suggestion and see if I can implement it without breaking the app, so you can also leave suggestions on the comments.


I would like to thank Verse for creating the Translation Assistant.ahk which really saved me time in my translation work. I would also like to thank AmnesicCat, Daily, Aomori and Yabaibunni for testing the beta version of the program.

Latest Version 3.0 Download Link
Source File for v3.0 (need Visual Studio Express)

Old Versions:


v3.0 – 12/6/15
– Added Text-to-Speech support for Japanese and Chinese text
– Added an Always on Top option

v2.4.1 – 11/14/15
– Few more bugfixes
– Added autosave function (everytime “Enter” is pressed)
– Added function to hide progress (special request from AmnesicCat so she doesn’t hyperventilate from the amount of lines needed translated)
– Added more punctuations (Single and Double Title Bracket, Long Dash)
– Added function to jump lines by double clicking on a raw sentence on either top or bottom review boxes

v2.3 – 10/10/15

  • Mutiple save in a single session appends mutiple copies of translation text that inflate file size
  • Add Phrase OK button was disabled all the time
  • Changing profile wont load that profile’s dictionary (need restart of app to load dictionary)
  • New parse characters doesn’t update immediately after profile save (need restart of app to load dictionary)

v2.2 – 10/9/15
-bug fix on app crash during opening file caused by an empty default profile

v2.1 – 10/8/15
-bug fix for those experiencing app crash during opening or creating new file in Windows 10

v2.0 – 10/7/15
– Added Spell Check Function
– Added Special Punctuation Insert Function
– Fixed several minor bug

v1.0 – 9/25/15
– Initial Public Release

80 thoughts on “Translation Assistant Tool”

  1. wow this is amazing, even non-translator as myself can now try our own hand in MT Web/Light novels as out first step in learning. thanks for sharing this to us leachers, hope this will increase translator-t-be hopefuls everywhere in the net.

    1. Before you end up discouraged, I have to warn you…

      If you’re learning, it’s better to use tutorials and pick up the basics before using this software. The more you know, the better you can use it.

      If you’re just translating and you’re fine with just the gist of what’s going on, feel free to use it immediately.

      1. Honestly? No. I was taught the basics in school/college. That said, what language? I can probably look around and earmark some stuff.

      2. If it’s Chinese…you can probably use this translation tool immediately.

        I think the priority in Chinese is Vocabulary. Chinese Grammar is handled somewhat decently by these translation tools.

        The key to successfully translating Chinese is figuring out what’s being described.

        I had a funny issue with a sentence where I was trying to figure out what it meant to stand underneath a pair of airplanes and clouds for fleeting happiness. Turns out, the passage was talking about those contrails created by passing airplanes. If the contrails generated by two planes form an X, and you happen to find yourself standing underneath it, you might experience a brief moment of happiness.

        It’s easiest if you can break it up and analyze it word by word, but generally you’re going to have to use your imagination and context.

  2. Can i request a sample video of its usage, its not that i dont understand. Im currently on mobilr and id try it later on, its just that i think a video would help a lot. Im hoping that this would help me a lot about “novel world’s logic” since you can’t really rely on context clues on novel logic, specially if its an idea thats being newly introduced in each novel world.

    Anyways thanks for this!

    1. Oh wait, it just seperates it into sentences.. guess it wont help a lot about context, but will help a lot regarding speed…

      Is the glossary profile better than the one in TA? Since ta is buggy and all when it comes to substituting.

    1. It was specifically builtfor JP text, it is also compatible with CN text. I haven’t tested this app yet for KR text.

      I’m making this universal once I add another layer of customization in parsing sentences

      1. i thought it was a translator (thats what happens when i am awake for ages with no sleep) idea, why not if it has access to internet it use google and bing translator in a diffrent window that you can switch on, just incase some people have no idea what certain words mean and they can use it to know the average place they are at by looking and seeing what two diffrent places think it means, just a thought

        1. This is where Translation Aggregator comes into play, as the feature had said, it auto copies lines into the clipboard automatically so you don’t have to waste time on it. I do plan to integrate this function (online translation) in the future. I just need to learn how to pull those data from the web

      2. i have translation Aggregator , but it’s ether the one i have or it itself, but most of the time it doesn’t work, but if you get it integrated i think it will be a great addition to translators

      3. For web requests…

        Keep in mind that this is not how I would do it with C#…my weapon of choice is:

        It’s more customizable and I can adjust the behavior to my needs, but the first one is significantly simpler.

        From there, you either use the search engine’s API, or you convert the response to text and parse it with regular expressions.

        1. my challenge is the response from google, they locked down their api behind a paywall. I will have to learn to scrape using JSON which is what the web brower uses to display the translated text

  3. When it get to the window where you need to paste the raw. I am unable to do so or is there some trick you need to do. I tried to right button but nothing opens up or am I missing something.


    1. There’s really no such thing as a “good” translating site. It’s better to look through multiple ones to understand a sentence. Especially for chinese, if you don’t mind downloading softwares, Qtranslate and Lingoes are great with doing multiple machine translations at once. From my experience, Lingoes has Systran, Lec, and Kodensha which are most detailed in translating every word in chinese text. Google, Bing, Baidu (and others) can be easier to understand, but they’re not always as accurate (can be misleading even). Overall, it’s better to use all of them if you actually want to understand the text. Outside note, Lingoes should work well with Korean and Japanese as well.

  4. People still use VB? I figured some of the newer languages would be easier to learn nowadays (albeit not necessarily so for GUIs).

  5. currently using Google Translator Toolkit when I saw this.

    so I tried downloading this. v2 (119KB) and v1 (113KB) right?

    v1 works on my pc. v2 does not. it says “TranslationAssistant has stopped working”

    using windows7 pc. hope you can help. thanks.

    v1 looks good. want to see the improvements in v2. works great with Translation Aggregator.

      1. Upon downloading, it noted: “TranslationAssistant.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.” in the DL area below. According to WD, it is detected as Trojan:Win32/Spursint.A

        I hope you could look into it. I have raws I would love to MTL.

        1. definitely false positive as my WD doesn’t even flag it. But I understand you are wary and I don’t have a solution for you other than scan it with other virus scanner

  6. I really could use an auto-save feature on this tool that like every 2-3 minutes auto-saves. I get an application hang apphangB1 error periodically and I lose everything. I am not completely sure but it seems as if it might be due to the autocopy to clipboard functionality atleast for me. It seems to happen right after it starts parsing the next sentence. The auto-save feature would be a good work-around at the moment.

  7. Joeglens – san could you share your translation profile, please…
    I have hard time to create new profile by my self.
    And thank’s for creating this awesome software.

    1. what profile? Since the profile I have are for the novels that I’m only working on. What issues do you have when adding phrases to the profile?

  8. hi, the apps is automatic translate? because after i download and followed the instructions, file>new>copy>paste>create,,,,nothing pop up or instructions after that….i dont know what need to do after that, evenn after i wait the process not run at all its0%

    1. It doesn’t auto translate. Its clearly written in the description. You will need to paste the autocopied line to an online translation site, or get translation aggregator

      1. i tried with the translation agrregator, but i got error from that, mind to teach me how to use it and what apps i need beside yours tool, maybe you can email or chat me in skype if possible

  9. Epic! This makes reading Japanese raws soo much easier for me who has no knowledge of japanese. I have it combined with the translation aggregator. So far it seems Atlas is really good at determining what stuff is names, and stuff like desu and baka and such. Excite and honyaku seem good at the other stuff. WWWJDIC is nice for when you get those really obscure words or such so you can determine what japanese is responsible for it and google it. But that’s just what I think from using it to help translate 20 chapters of a web novel I like for personal use. I’m now caught up with the raws and waiting T_T. (Btw except for using this program I have absolutely no experience with translation, Japanese or anything involving any foreign language ever. and with this program I can actually follow what’s happening, (Though not to the same standard of proper translations ofc.) Still enough to enjoy the story and get hyped over each sentence 😉 )

    1. though occasionally it won’t copy to clip board(or at least the sentence wont get copied over to translation aggregator automatically) and I’m not sure what causes this. Some of the time it doesn’t copy the next line if I copy and pasted the translation to the previous line. (Could be to do with the speed between it having to copy to clip board or something is the feeling I’m getting atm, but like I said I’m really not sure.). Not a major problem since most of the time it doesn’t do this, but thought I would mention it anyway.

      1. Actually don’t worry too much about this minor problem I’ve done some investigation and I believe it’s copying correctly, the translation aggregator just sometimes doesn’t notice it. (So it’s mainly a problem with translation aggregator not displaying the copy rather than the program not copying.)

  10. i tried downloading and found that version 2.4.1 is working for me but version 3.0 is not.
    when i click the .exe file, i get TranslationAssistant has stopped working error.

    Win 8.1
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

    can you possibly tell me what might be the probable causes?

  11. Hey man, none of the above versions worked for me. I cant open ver 3.0 for some reason after I open them, it always gives me the debug or close program window.

    As for version 2.4.1, after I click File > New and then pasted in the raws, clicked Create and then nothing happens, I tried with longer and shorter sentences, still nothing happened.

    I highly support your program and would jump in at the chance to use if its not for the broken version that I have.

  12. Hello Joeglens (Admin)

    I want to know how to troubleshooting this problem, [ERROR]

    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: TranslationAssistant 3.0.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 5663862d
    Problem Signature 04: PresentationFramework
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 545cb089
    Problem Signature 07: 7ff0
    Problem Signature 08: ee
    Problem Signature 09: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParse
    OS Version: 6.3.9600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 5861
    Additional Information 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
    Additional Information 3: 31c4
    Additional Information 4: 31c4f0c30ca267a761c69930266146b1

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

  13. Before I start to annoy you with my question, I want to first thank you for providing the reading and translating community with such a fine tool. Now that I wanted to start translating some novels on my own I decided to use it but… I can’t open it and seems there are others with the same problem. Do you have a solution for this problem? I’m using Win 10 but I already tried a Win 7 mode. Nothing seems to work.

    1. Try using v2.4 if 3.0 is not working for you. I might have to create an installer for 3.0, because the problem seems to be some dependencies issues

  14. Hi, joeglens

    Version 3.0 is not working for me. Version 2.4 can work. Do you know why 3.0 can’t? Window 8 here.

  15. Eh um, Can I get a link for Translation Aggregator?

    I have a high distrust of download links I find off of Google…

  16. I am using tried using it using Windows XP but it doesn’t work and tried looking for proper NET Framework but all I got was that 4.5 cannot be installed on XP normally. So not compatible with XP, period. I dont really understand why a small program like this cannot be used in older machines.

    1. If you know programming, specifically Visual Basic, you can download that and use Visual Studio to compile or modify the program yourself

  17. I just started using this and I gotta say, it’s pretty nifty. I couldn’t download the 3.0 for some reason, but 2.4 works fine. I can’t wait for the online translation update~

    The only gripe I have so far is that I’m using a mac and Windows 7 running on parallels is super slow. ;m; Darn me for getting a mac. Future mac release if possible? If not, then I’ll just have to get something that runs windows lol

    Great job on the program~

  18. Hey there,

    This program is brilliant and I’m trying to run it on my windows 10 machine but when I execute it nothing seems to happen. I’ve ran it as an administrator as well to no avail and tried to troubleshoot compatibility issues but I can’t figure it out.

    So I noticed in the comments people talking about version 2.4 working which I’ve installed that and that works like a charm. Thank you so much for developing this, it’s really going to streamline my process.

  19. While probably difficult, it would be nice if an OCR engine can be attached to the software, so that it would be possible to use the software on image-based source. (Along with edit function before feeding into translators to correct OCR mistakes

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