The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner Volume 2 Chapter 1-3

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(Reforms, I want to do some reforms with low risk of failure.)

I thought of it while relaxing on the cushion in the private tent (previously this was Mark’s tent).

I wondered how many business ventures succeeded with this word adopted.
In spite not studying the strategy and theory involved in reform, “Doing something original is ok” will be a mistake and a failure.
There are a lot of case studies and business intuition that attempted reformation.

There are risks and returns in reformation.
Understanding clearly the risks and returns was necessary.

(Now then, will my management reform be good or bad?)

I closed my eyes as I began to shilly-shally and polished my reform proposals.

“Are the slaves maintaining to clean their bodies?”
“Yes, they really do Mina”

First reform.
Improving the impression towards the slaves.
There was saying that first impression makes 90% of the assessment of the person. However, 90% was still a lie, there was also a theory that first impression was only 50% of the assessment of the person even with psychological data.

For example, the appearance.
The method to improve one’s appearance was simple.
Simply cut the hair that became too long.
Because not only the sand of the desert clings to it, they will also look dirty and their impression will suddenly plummet.

“What are this wooden boards? You’re filling the floor of the tent with wooden boards.”
“I decided to cover the dirt floor completely with wooden board to improve the appearance, also when sitting or lying down the sand won’t stick to your body.”

Furthermore, it will be difficult for sand to make contact with the slaves, that’s why I decided to cover the dirt floor with wooden boards.
Spread a hemp cloth on top of the wooden boards, it’s perfect.
With this, as long as they are inside the tent, it will be hard for them to become dirty with sand.

“Umm, however, when they arranged tightly like this, the excrement is stillー”
“Ah, there is a toilet in the warehouse. I told them to put some urns in there.”

On the other hand, since I covered the floor of the tent completely, it was no longer possible to place a toilet inside the tent.
I will have the slaves to go to the warehouse to use the toilet.

The smell inside the low-class slave’s tent has reduced a bit as a result of that decision.
Even though the smell of excrement was gone, there is still the smell of sweat and dirt, but I felt that it became relatively decent now.

Putting the restroom outside the tent was still the correct answer.

“Do you intend to disassemble and assemble the tent every day after that?”
“It’s for ventilation and cleaning. Leaving the tent up for so long confining the air is not good, and the inside of the tent becomes dirty gradually.”

In order to impress the customers better, I have to keep in mind that ventilation and cleaning is a must.

During sunrise, when sunlight is not strong and it’s cool, they are going to disassemble the tents and clean it.
There are two things to do when cleaning.
Changed the hemp cloth that was laid on the ground, and beat the crap out of the tent curtains to expel the mites.

Doing it this way, it will prevent the air from becoming stale in the tent, and the slaves are not plagued by the ticks at the same time.

Ventilating the air will uplift the mood of the slaves, and I have a hunch that with them working to disassemble the tent, this will also reduce their lethargic lifestyle.
Their environment was in a sorry state until now.

“The amount of food needed will increase right?”
“We have to make it a habit of 2 meals per day of Goat’s milk and the customary Dates.”
“However, if we adopt to eat that kind of meals every day and the religion finds out about this.…”
“No, no, you have to be healthy for you all to do your work, it is useful to the person. With that purpose I’m sure God will turn a blind eye on this one.”

And lastly, the meal.
Actually, there weren’t many changes.
If I have to say something, the amount of customary dates (Fruit that is rich in nutrients) and goat’s milk was increased.
Mark also seems to have made the nutrition of the food balanced already.

I just improved the quality a bit.
Regarding the quality of the dates, I can assess the nutrient content and such simply by using the Appraisal Skill.
Because I can select the dates in the slum quarters or even the safe stuff and the dangerous stuff without mistake, I was able to stock a lot cheaply as a result.

Also, the religious thinking was that same food = same life so they cannot eat that way, and apparently, such teachings exist, but I completely disregarded it
I don’t follow religion that much.
The slaves were somehow reluctant to the changes, but I was able to successfully implement it.
That is “We mustn’t eat the same food means we must not consume the exact same foods. Like, dried meat and cheese are weird,” were the poor excuses they gave, but they still went along with my idea anyway

“It might be simple, but each one is a plan for the reform.”
“You don’t have to worry about it, this is a private matter.”

Mina had a confused expression, I didn’t particularly paid any attention to it.
There are still much to do besides that.
Like a new advertising method for example.

“Mina, if I’m not wrong, you specializes in spearmanship right?”

If I illustrate Mina’s facial expression, this time, it would say “How did you know?” in surprise.
She probably thought it was impossible for me to know.

But it was so.
Because the common sense in this world says that it was very rare for women to be very excellent in spearmanship.
Perhaps a capable person from the military may realize it the moment they see Mina, or perhaps they may not.

To think she had Spearmanship Lv. 3, no person will know it without the Appraisal Skill like mine.

“. . .Master Toshiki, how did you know about it?”
“I’m not really sure.”

That was not a problem.
How can I let her know without revealing the secret? “I can see through things as your Master, but I don’t know why?”, is what I said conveniently to keep her quiet as I was respected.

I didn’t deliberately paid attention to Mina and ended the discussion.

“Mina. I want you to teach the slaves the art of spearmanship.”
“Spearmanship training you say?”
“Yeah, in addition, do it in front of the shop during the day. I want you to train them outside the tent.”
“During the day…”

Mina looked dubious as it would interfere with the business while I just smiled at her.

I want Mina to do it.
To train the slaves in spearmanship in front of the shop.

“Well then, I will introduce a new form now, everyone please follow how I swing the stick.”

When Mina said it to the six slaves, she demonstrated a form of spearmanship.
There are forms in spearmanship, you can learn a very efficient way to wield a spear by performing a form repeatedly.

For example, Mina was demonstrating [Angular Stance] by setting up the spear overarm and pointing the tip towards the opponent. She was poised to step in and do a piercing strike at the same time.
Knowing or not knowing the form beforehand makes a difference in the strike. An amateur will be killed in a counterattack because there was not enough power in their stance for their spear to penetrate the opponent. But if you know the form, the spear will naturally kill the opponent because the body learned the stance of the body that contains power.

So, that form was a convenient stance that the body will get used to.
Learning an efficient posture was always the basics.

“Very well, repeat it once more.”

While preparing the spear, Mina once more reproduced the beautiful form again.
They were charmed as they saw the tensely straight form.

Because being naked was bad, they were wearing only a loincloth and breastplate, their properly forged upper arm and thighs were spectacular.
The texture of supple muscles can be seen.
The beastkin race easily grow muscles after all, as for physical beauty, there were splendid ones.

The six slaves aren’t bad too.
They easily mastered it as they were able to reproduce the form and hold the spear properly.
After all, this group of six slaves have four from the beastkin race and the remaining two are from the demon race that was blessed with good physique.

They performed some spear drills, it was a spectacle that attracts attention to those walking nearby.

(It turned out pretty well.)

I wasn’t able to hide the smile for the drill advertisement that was unfolding right in front of me.

In order to maintain the public order of the Oasis district, the chief sentinel Howard was patrolling and suddenly was taken by the sight of a strange spectacle.
In front of Howard, a group of slaves was performing their spearmanship.

Seeing how the form was being taught unfolding in front of him, Howard admired the [method].
It was because of the impressive stance of the beastkin girl teaching the spear.

The stance was solid through the core, he thought the center of gravity was on the waist and there was no excessive movement. The movement of the foot was linked to how the center of gravity was carried that even outside observer was able to understand, Howard was surprised.
As for the stance the following instant, it was a prerequisite in starting to move. It became alive.

Howard knew some spearmanship.
He was an adventurer using a spear before he became a sentinel because he got injured on the leg.
Even though with just this much knowledge in handling a spear, he can still kill a desert tiger.

But in front of this young woman’s spearmanship, Howard was not impressive.

(When I need to borrow some manpower next time like for example, for demon hunting, it might not be bad to ask them. I think.)

What came to mind to Howard was demon subjugation.
Sometimes there aren’t enough hands in the desert branch of the adventurer’s guild.
For example, during a mass outbreak of desert carpenter ants, there was no time to leisurely wait for an adventurer dispatch.
He can commandeer the slaves for battle in such cases, he will have to agree to some terms and pay them their reward afterward.

(Until now we treat the slaves from the slums like a sacrificial pawn or not employed in the first place. However, seeing this much…)

There was a reason why they don’t employ the slaves during demon subjugation.
Because they are not healthy and doesn’t have any skills too, can’t become part of the fighting force. They just move idly and in charge of menial tasks, a nuisance who only cause trouble when the tough gets going.
And so, the sentries doesn’t employ them that much.

However, Howard changed his mind when he saw the spectacle in front of him.
When the time is right they are worthy as a sufficient fighting force.
It was certain that the beastkin girl was stronger than him. Her movement was flexible and her handling of the spear was naturally smooth.
The surrounding slaves that being taught have excellent muscles too. They will surely be able to grasp the basics of general skills of the spear soon.

(That shop in the slum. Did it read [Mitsuji Talent Consultant] or something like that?)

It was a strange name, but he immediately memorize it already.
Mitsuji Talent Consultant.
They don’t know what a Talent Consultant was, so I should probably say it’s “Fulfilling a talented personnel base on the consultation with you”.

Howard thought it was interesting that there was that kind of slave trader in the slum district.
Anyway, Howard memorizes the name in the corner of his mind.

“Hey, master. I wonder when will the result manifest.”
“It won’t appear immediately.”

While I looked at the state of the training before me, I had some high-class slave teach me some etiquette.
Rather saying high-class slave, it’s more like a high-class prostitute.
She had refined manners and beautiful looks, probably because she sometimes does this fascinating gestures that she looked extremely bewitching.

Name: Ethalia Lamia (Slave) 
Age: 38 Years Old 
Level: 13 
HP: 21   MP: 8 
Strength: 5 
Agility: 6 
Magic Power: 9 
Endurance: 3 
Unique Skill: Eye of Fear Lv. 1 
Special Skill: Sexual Skills Lv. 4 
Special Skill: Water Magic Lv. 0 

Hetty (Ethalia) was a half human half demon race.
A child between a Lamia and a human. Part of her body was covered in scales, you could say that her lower half was completely a Lamia. Her Lamia blood seems to be really dense.

Then when I thought and asked Hetty where are her human parts,”… Would you like to see it?” was what she said to me.
Because I didn’t think she would reply that way, I honestly apologized to her.

“But, I don’t really know a lot about etiquette.”
“That’s a lie, I’m pretty sure Hetty was reasonably famous as a high-class prostitute in the Oasis district.”

Hetty said, “Oh if that’s the case then I should not have become a slave” while smiling, as the Appraisal Skill saw through the lie.
She was a high-class prostitute from the Oasis district.

She must have considerably had a hard time during her childhood partly because she was a half-demon.
However, Hetty became discreetly popular as an excellent prostitute after a lot of efforts.
She was a beauty with good personality too, it’s impossible for her not to be a popular high-class prostitute.

In addition, she had an unusual bloodline that became her asset.
Half human and Half Lamia. So what in the world was that beauty? How the heck was she different from an ordinary person?
She succeeded in attracting people’s interest by taking advantage of such inquisitive rumors.
Which reminds me that the nobilities of this world were good people, there are even times where they keep non-sentient demons as a pet out of curiosity. It was the so-called novelty. Her asset was the appealing novelty.

“Ah, I went too far.”

I did not miss the moment that her face was gloomy for an instant.

I went too far. Hetty became a slave because she incurred someone’s wrath.
If it wasn’t for that, she won’t have been a slave.
But I don’t know who was that person that was displeased.

“Ah, don’t worry too much about it because I was only teasing you.”
“… You’re such a bad man.”

Her seductive voice seems like she was flattering me, but Hetty confronted me with eyes that were completely scrutinizing me.

“Come on, you’re also a bad woman.”

As I was saying so, I looked away from her to the slaves that were doing spear training in front of the shop.

“Now then, as for the next reform.”
“There is still more to do?”

Cleaning and ventilating the tent and training performance in front of the store, in addition to that, is there a need of something new? Of course, it was necessary for something new, I think.
I answered “Of course” to Hetty as I opened the drawer in the desk.

Client Log Book.
I will have to organize this from now on.

“Have you ever seen a Client Log Book?”
“Oh, slaves doesn’t have the right to read it. Because there is a possibility to leak information.”
“You’re right, you guys are going to be employed by someone sooner or later. Therefore you mustn’t make contact with this kind of information.”

I flipped the Client Log Book.
The information listed here are the name, address, who was handed over, how much was the transaction, and so on was written in there.
Honestly, the amount of information written down will be helpful, but it seems Mark did not organize it.

(First of all, I should write a letter to them.)

The first thing I should do was to write a change of ownership letter.
I should notify them that Toshiki Mitsuji had taken over as the new shop owner from Mark Tracey, and that the name of the store had changed too.
I will send this to all the people that was written in the Client Log Book.

This will maintain the clientele. They are the life-blood of any business.
Statistics tells that only 7% of the freshly acquired customers will become a repeat customer.
In other words, retention rate will be bad if the only strategy was to gather new customers.

If I were to speak of what to do, then I would figure out something to make them a repeat customer.
Sending a letter this way for example. With that alone “This slave trader does not forget a customer,” and the impression will improve.
Furthermore, I will write down “Accessories and Clothing are included with every purchase” as a special service. This will make them come back again and I think this will become an opportunity

Are you going to write a letter? Even though master was the person who had thought up an idea of the slaves doing spear training performance that was already interesting, you will also write a neat welcome letter too. You’re surprisingly diligent I see.”
“Well, There is an interesting basis for this. An obligatory message such as this is just a social etiquette as a member of society.”

I remember the time when I worked as an HR career consultant when I was still in Japan.
As for the business of career consulting, it was a newly developed field that was rather difficult. Mostly business connections, it was now personal connections between businesses.
In particular, since I worked for a career consulting company that specialized in advertisements, I desperately worked hard to make connections in the advertising industry.

It was there that I learned the importance of sending a follow-up letter.
For example “I can introduce you to applicants who wants to change jobs” and make the appointment too; getting in touch with them by asking “How was the performance of **** that I introduced to you?” as an aftercare; and never forget the change of management letter by writing “My name is Toshiki Mitsuji who had took over the work from **** who was the former person in charge.”

Career Consultants work quite closely with the business.
Businesses value the work of connecting people, even as something trifling as proper greetings. It will be important to wait and see how this goes.
After all the other party will likely do a business deal if they are comfortable with the person they are dealing with.

Now, after all that been said and done, I will have to send the change of management letter and checking up on the performance of the slaves that was referred to them as the aftercare service.

(The nobles of this other world particularly tends to respect greetings.)

This is just my personal opinion, but I don’t think I’m wrong.
The proof was that the consistent greetings of the employees in large companies in the Oasis district, that shows high dignity.
The nobles respect honor.

Therefore, writing this letter has a meaning.
Because writing the letter will give the impression that the slave trader will be a merchant that respects honor.

“Oh, the characters you wrote are beautiful. However your expression is a bit of a concern.”
“Is that so, Hetty. I want to ask you for proofreading the expressions. You are able to do it because you’re a high-class prostitute.”

Hetty was smiling softly, however, her eyes retains the look of somewhat being inquisitive.
Is my letter really that interesting?
When I casually saw Hetty’s trust meter, it rose a bit from 25% to 28%.

(It’s still a long way to go, her trust meter is low.)

While thinking about that, I handed the letter to Hetty and “asked”.

“…But, I’m just a prostitute you know? My only ability is to sell pleasure to men.”
“It doesn’t matter. Light of intellect dwells in your eyes. There is no nobility and commonalty in jobs, it’s the state of your soul that has it.”

I held on Hetty’s hands as I faced her right in the eye.

“There is dignity in your heart. That’s why I’m asking you.”

Whether my words reached her or not, Hetty was just keeping silent.
Judging from the psychological graph, she was a bit happy and perplexed at the same time.

(Well, Hetty may not say yes on my order, but she is not forced to do it.)

While I’m thinking this was nonsense, “If you don’t like to proofread, you don’t need to do it” as I stood up and left the tent.

(From now on, I want a slave that will be the Customer Service instead of me. Because the customers will be kept waiting if I went to do some business in the Oasis district.)

Hetty suddenly popped into my mind.
She would be my first candidate for Customer Service
Soft demeanor and beautiful to look at. Her speech (certainly) will be polite towards the customers.
Furthermore, she can read and write the characters.

(I want her be in charge of Customer Service as soon as possible. If I do so, the customers will surely have a good impression for this shop.)

I was walking while thinking about that.
The valuable high-class slaves will be a wasted talent if not used as an asset.

“Ah, Master Toshiki.”

It was none other than Mina who found me absent mindedly thinking outside the tent.
It seems that the spear training was over some time ago.

“Oh, Mina. Thanks for the good work.”
“No, not at all Master Toshiki. I am fortunate to be helpful.”

The sunlight outside was too bright and hot also.
Mina had been swinging the spear during all that time that she became sweaty and dirty from all the cloud of sand dust.
She should definitely get herself cleaned.

“Get into the tent and wipe your body. Here, have some water and drink it.”
“Thank you very much.”

Mina deeply bowed her head, she was not showing any signs that she was tired from all of that spear practice she did a while ago.
I think that’s really admirable.

“What if, I wipe your body? Like I did a long time ago.”
“Eh!? Uhm, well…”

I intended it as a light joke, but Mina was perplexed and blushed a little bit.
I felt like being tactless now as I peeked at the psychology graph of Mina.
She was so easy to understand or I should say, how cute.

“I am really sorry for being a bother to Master Toshiki, but just the thought of it, I feel really happy.”
“I would rather like to clean off the dirt in you, how about it? You don’t like it?”

Not liking it, after hearing that Mina’s eyes moved all around to avoid my gaze and increasingly becoming embarrassed.
Her fingers were fidgety as she was holding the spear, she looked like unable to decide.

“…Umm, because I’m graciously ashamed if people will see us, will Master Toshiki wipe my body in the tent if possible…?”

Mina asked in a sheepish voice.
Looking at the situation, I immediately replied, “Of course, it’s OK.”

Mina’s cheek blushed really red.

“Master, Though I easily proofread the letter……”
I forgot that Hetty was in the tent.

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