The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner

Japanese Title: 奴隷キャリアプランナーは成功できる職業
Author: Richard Roe
Category: Japanese web novel, Transport, Fantasy, Business Management
Status: Ongoing


Career Consultant. It was a profession where they perform various consultations for a person in hope of getting a job.

Mitsuji Toshiki, a young man from modern Japan, had the skills and qualifications to be a career consultant. He was teleported to another world before he knew it and became an apprentice to a slave merchant.

Toshiki was determined to redo his life one more time when he realized that he was teleported to another world.

He had the skill to judge and see through a person’s suitable character, as he skillfully rose in fame in this other world

UPDATE: 10/11/2015
Per the changes the author made, I’m following his direction of merging chapters.

Volume 1: Career Plan to Independence

Volume 2: Career Plan to Becoming Full-Fledged
Chapter 1 to 3
Chapter 4 to 6



19 thoughts on “The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner”

    1. yes, feels like harem route. following chapters are interesting but some chapters are boring as well. But short so as to not bore readers.

  1. Anyway we could get more updates to this? Seems very interesting, and I think it would pique an interest if people knew about it more and there were more updates.

  2. This has been bugging me but when he bought the harpy girl and explained it as a necessity did he mean her for her skills or needing her to witness how the contract ceremony was done? Also if you need help editing this series in the future I’d be happy to help.

  3. Hes gotten interested in one novel im sure he update these one day but if i was him one novel got my interest i prob only work that one to

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