Parallel World Pharmacy: Chapter 1 Episode 7

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de Medicis Medical Examination and the First Job

Falma was observing the people in the mansion as there was no lessons from Ellen since she had the day-off.
Although Ellen was calling it the Divine Eye, he decided to call it the [Diagnosis Eye] as it had the ability identify the ailment. It was an ability that nobody knew about aside from his teacher, Ellen. It was a secret, even to Lotte.

The ability was activated by making a circle with his left hand and checking the patient through it, but the movement of making it was too conspicuous. The patient would make fun of him or think he was crazy. He would certainly receive some ridicule from those in higher ranks than him. Therefore through experimentation, he found out that he was able to activate the Diagnosis Eye just by placing 2 fingers with his eye in between.. The action was better, but it was still a bit strange.
Although he could see the marker in the human body, he needed to concentrate to see it.

Her mother had severe lower back pain, so he made the same compress that he made for Ellen.
His sister had weak bowels, so he made something like a laxative.

When he was walking around the mansion, he casually examined a person he met.
He found out it was a patient, since the Diagnosis Eye showed something glowing in the patient, then he tried guessing the name of the disease. Before the diagnosis, the color of the light was light blue, it would turn white, if he diagnosed it correctly. If the diagnosis was wrong, it would remain the same.
Also, if he deduced the correct way to treat the ailment, the white light would fade away. Then, he would make the appropriate remedy.
Although Falma himself had the training, and ability to diagnose patients, he was sometimes met with difficulty, when diagnosing.
In Falma’s previous life, he was a leading genius pharmacologist in the world. So it was only natural that he had medical knowledge, but he was no doctor. So he maniacally named the diseases even though he has no knowledge of it. Still, he diagnosed them patiently, and prepared medicine based on the symptoms of the patient.

“How do you do, young master?”
“Good morning, Marianne.”
Marianne was in charge of laundry today as they passed each other in the corridor. She was carrying a large amount of laundry. She was a middle-aged woman who washed his parent’s clothing. Always cheerful, she was pleasant to talk to in the laundry drying area and she didn’t have anything bad in her character.
“Master Falma, please you should go outside. The weather is beautiful”
“Yes it is, Caesar.”
Caesar was a middle-aged man, who was a gardener and always spoke to Falma and suggested him to go outside. He was healthy too.

Everyone, living healthy is number one.
Falma was nodding and grunting in agreement.

He also gave the servants appropriate medical examinations and gave them medicines for treatment using his material creation ability. The servants shed tears of joy. It was said that they had never receive any medicine from the Lord of the mansion.
Even now, Simon the Butler was fidgety when Falma’s father passed him by, seems like he had tooth decay.
Falma was putting the treatment for tooth decay on hold, as it needed further consideration.

“Unexpectedly, father has not seen everyone in the house.”
He was chatting with Lotte while strolling through the courtyard in the mansion.
Falma believed that servants should be part of the family too, but it seemed that it wasn’t a common practice in this world.
“Because his Lordship is an apothecary for the nobles. He does not have time to pay attention to the commoners.”
“Even though he is an Apothecary of the family?”
“It is the way it is.”
It was said that an aristocratic apothecary must not examine a commoner. When a servant suffers from a severe disease, a 3rd Class Apothecary from the Apothecaries Guild will be called upon to examine the patient. He was surprised that the death rate among the commoners was high because the medicines were expensive and their treatment, dubious.
The average lifespan of this world was low, assuming someone reached adulthood, there were few things that could extend someone’s life.

“Master Falma does not discriminate and is so kind to us commoners. I am sure you will be an excellent apothecary.”
Lotte thanked Falma on behalf of all the servants. However he just said with a smiling face.
“It’s absurd to discriminate against patients by their social status”
It was only natural for Falma, as a person from the modern world, to treat the patients equally and offer the best treatment.
When in Rome, do as Romans do. Nonetheless, there are some things that can’t be conceded.

And now he had discovered another hidden ability when making a circle on his right hand.
He can magnify what he is seeing through the circle depending on the size of the circle!

To sum it up, the following are his abilities so far.
* Left Hand – Ability to create substances.
* Doing a circle on his left hand – Diagnosis Eye, the ability to diagnose an ailment..
* Right Hand – Ability to erase a substance.
* Doing a circle on his right hand – Ability to magnify the view within the circle.

“I am undoubtedly, not a human being anymore.”
It might not have been an exaggeration when Ellen suspected that Falma was the reincarnation of the Medicine God, Falma had arrived to the same belief.
Falma should be ecstatic from having very convenient abilities. However, his wariness outweighed all of this. Furthermore, Falma was really troubled that he didn’t have a shadow, probably because it was compensation for his abilities. The people in the mansion hasn’d seem to have noticed , but it was only a matter time before they did. He made sure to only walk in the shade.
Doing it that way, he could hide the fact that he didn’t have a shadow.

“But, what about after that?”
It was still OK if it was something like a divine possession, but what about if it was something like a devil? Falma was anxious about it because it would be troublesome if he told someone and a spiritualist heard it.

Ah, come to think of it.
Falma suddenly realized while sorting out his abilities, he checked something in the jewelry box. All of the jewelry inside seemed to be very expensive. There was a brooch, a ring, and other jewelries. He was not interested in the jewelry, instead he picked up the glassware.

“Here it is! I can do it with this”
He collected a part of the jewelry that had glass and broke it into small clear balls. Then, he heated up the glass pieces over the fire and rounded of the corners to make it into marbles
That was the important part. That day, Falma made something out of glass marbles and a metallic plate in just a few hours. That small work was a simple version of what was his favorite tool during his past life, he was restless if he didn’t have one.

“Oh well, I hope this is good enough for now. Although I really wished for this one to have good performance.”
He was not satisfied with his workmanship, but it would achieve its purpose, for now.
The simple handicraft on his hand was glinting with a flash.

“Master Falma. His Lordship has called you.”
Several days had already passed, Falma was already getting used to the life in the mansion and he also remembered the faces of all the servants. He had just finished lunch, and was now reading while relaxing with Lotte in the garden, Simon the Butler came into his room in a hurry and called him out. The Butler was the highest ranked servant in the de Médicis family.

“I wonder what this is about. I have a bad feeling about this.”
Every time Falma’s father called him, it has always been nothing good.
Mostly it was a surprise quiz of quack pharmaceutics that’s waiting for him.

If only that was it, then everything was still fine.
He thought about when his father called him in the past. It was a full moon that night when they went together to the herbal garden, there seemed to be a magic square drawn on top of the center of the gazebo. His father had a frantic expression with both hands waving while chanting some kind of incantation, like it was some form of punishment game. It was said to infuse divine power to the herbal plants.
Falma, who was bitten by the mosquitoes from the bushes, thought that it was a miserable experience. He was doubtful that his father was really a famous apothecary.
He had enough accompanying his father on his outdoor activities. However.

“This is your job as an apprentice Royal Court Apothecary.”
Work. It was the first time Simon called out Falma for that.
“It’s the medical examination for Her Imperial Majesty”
Falma shivered as it finally came.
Finally, it was his first job.

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