Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 1 Episode 5

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The Revelation from the Inspection and the Plan of a Pharmacy for the Common People

Falma somehow tried to deceive her but,
“The wand doesn’t have to do anything with this! You, what has become of your Divine Power? I mean, is your body OK?”

Ellen got a bag and retrieved an instrument that looked like a stick made of metal. It looked like a thermometer, and it simply indicated the divine power. Holding it would show a color corresponding to an ability and the amount of divine power.
A person’s usable Divine Power was limited, so when training, one had to watch out for their Divine Power level. Falma used a grand Divine Art. If he used up all of his power, he could collapse. So Ellen was concerned about it. She was so concerned that she became teary eyed.
“Although you got lucky…. please put out both of your hands, Master Falma! You may have used your life’s worth of divine power! That was excessive!”
“This is?”
“Please listen to me, I’ll explain later. Just hold this!”
When Falma grasped it with both hands, it began to emit a soft white light. An intense force started to rise up at the hollow core gauge that made it look like a mercury thermometer. He shook it off in an instant.
“Colorless, and broke through the limit..!”
Ellen stepped back in amazement. Her glasses fell to the ground, and she ended up stepping up on them. The expensive lenses were sadly smashed, but Ellen didn’t care about that.

“Umm, your glasses are broken”
“It’s just not possible”
Falma picked up the frame of the glasses that was missing its lens.
“In what way you could break the limit?”
Ellen was confused at Falma, who was oblivious to the implications.

“I would like to hear about this…… by the way, there’s nobody who had a Divine Art that can exceed the Divine Power meter”
Ellen rolled up Falma’s sleeve, and stared intently at the marks left by the lightning strike. Even though Falma had covered it by the tunic’s long sleeves, it was found because it emitted a light that clearly broke through the clothes. It seemed that Ellen was becoming more worried as she stared at it for longer.
“This mark, no matter how you look at it, looks like the holy crest of the medicine god”
“That’s what Lotte also said, but you’re just imagining it. Anyone would have this if they got hit by a lightning”
Falma knew about the holy crest of the medicine god from when he had checked the book. It certainly resembled closely, but for Falma, it differed from his own opinion of “The scar shaped like a Lichtenberg figure because of the lightning”
“When you used Divine Art, did you feel hot inside your body? Did you have shortness of breath or some kind of palpitation?”
“There were no such feelings; there was only a sense of the power flowing in from another world. It’s probably why I don’t get tired”
“As I thought so….. An art from another world. Usually, using too much divine power would cause you to collapse and sometimes die, yet you still have divine power that still exceeds the divine power meter”
Ellen looked sexy as she folded her arms and wondered what kind of power it was.
“Falma, You must never hold a divine power meter in public from now on. You must not show it to your father either. Also, you must not use Divine Art at full power”
She was brooding. Because her glasses were broken, she was so close to the book as she checked it that she could’ve licked it. She confirmed the definition of the attributes and expressed her thoughts for now.

“Seems like you fall under the Major and Minor Non-Elemental attribute”
She seemed to understand easily the attribute by the color emitted by the divine power meter.
Because it was white, that meant it was Non-Elemental.
“Is Non-Elemental rare?”
He had just heard earlier that no one had been a Non-Elemental user for hundred of years.
“Rare is an understatement. It is an unknown ability that is said to have much more divine power that the Empress. Are you perhaps interested in getting the throne? It will become that kind of story”
“But isn’t the House de Médicis a family of Apothecaries?”
Talking about becoming an emperor suddenly, Falma stood petrified while holding the glasses.

“It does not matter”

There was a throne succession system for the emperor of San Fleuve Empire.

Family status and guardian deity were taken into consideration for the strength of the divine power. A legitimate child of a noble who greatly excelled in abilities would be selected by the church committee. In Falma’s case, he already surpassed the divine power of the Empress, and the de Médicis family’s status was enough already. He had all the qualifications to become an emperor. However, it would be inconvenient for the reigning Empress. In fact, he was told he might even get assassinated by the Empress.

“So, are you interested?”
“Not at all. First of all, I’m not good at politics. It would be terrible if they left the politics to me”
As he was naturally a man of science, he was certainty not into liberal arts. It was a fact that he couldn’t do what was unfamiliar to him.

“Then it’s better to be silent about it, right? Let’s stop the lesson for today here, although we didn’t get into the second half of the lesson”
Ellen seemed to be relieved that she now knew Falma didn’t have any ambition.

“Thank you then. About this one. These glasses, don’t forget it to bring them home, because they can still be used if the lenses are replaced”
However, Ellen didn’t move from her spot.
“Are you not going home?”
“If I don’t have my glasses, I can’t see anything. Although there is a spare pair of glasses in the mansion”
“Shall I walk you to the mansion?”
Falma lead Ellen by hand and they crossed the bridge to return to the mansion from the herb garden. He didn’t know how far Ellen could see with her vision; she seemed to be unable to see at all.

“There is a step here, be careful”
Falma pulled the hand of the woman who was taller than him, and escorted her across the bridge from the riverbank of the herbal garden to the mansion. Ellen’s delicate hand was cold. She ddidn’t seem to be sensitive to cold.

“Your hand is trembling, are you OK?”
“Ye- yes?”
The silence continued for a while and the atmosphere of awkwardness set in.

“Hey Falma, don’t you think you were given power during the lightning strike?”
Falma braced himself. Ellen told him that yesterday was the strongest influence of the Medicine Deity due to the configuration of the stars.

“That Divine Art a while ago, no human is expected to do that”
Falma was clearly informed and as anxiety set in, he stopped walking.

“Perhaps your guardian deity, the Medicine Deity, possessed you. If I’m not mistaken, your heart beat was stopped by the lightning and your personality changed also”

So it’s like that huh?
Falma understood that it was fear she felt towards him. A man with too much power was not treated as a human anymore, it was fear of the divine possession.

“I would like to believe that you are still the master Falma that I knew before, however, you are completely different”
For her to think that way, or rather she would have been instantly killed at point blank range by him if error was made on the adjustment of the Divine Art, thinking about that her hand trembled uncontrollably.

“Your power, can you control it completely? You won’t on a rampage?”
“I don’t fully understood it, but I’m sure I can control it”
Even though he was given power, Falma didn’t think he would abuse it.

I’ll be proficient at curing injured persons

He didn’t believe in something like a soul, even when he got reincarnated and his personality was the same.
“That’s right, when you drop your glasses, you should do it this way”
When Falma thought about it, he released Ellen’s hand. He made a sign of circle with his forefinger and thumb on both hands, and placed them on his eyes like glasses. The mood unraveled at that moment and Ellen spontaneously rolled about in laughter.

“Pfft, that was funny”
“This hole is getting smaller. I think I was deceived”
Ellen couldn’t help it but follow his lead. She made the shape of glasses and placed it in front of her face.
“It’s getting smaller furthermore, it’s now a pinhole”
“Eh? Eh, eh? Wait, eh, eeeehh!?”
When she said so while doing it, Ellen screamed.

She smiled delightfully.
“I can see! I can see far away! How do you know such a thing!?”
On the contrary, Falma didn’t know how and just shrugged his shoulders.
“If the field of vision is narrow, I can see very well!”
Two people spoke to each other while imitating a pair of glasses.
What’s this?
Falma was surprised by another thing while looking at Ellen that got him curious. When looking at Ellen over the rings, her eyes and left hand’s fingertips were glowing a bluish white color.

“Is something on my face?”
Ellen stroked around her cheek with her finger.

He took her hand unconsciously.
When Falma saw Ellen through his circle of finger, the second joint of her left hand’s middle finger seemed to glow a bluish white color. When he put away the circle of finger, it went away. He can only see it with the circle of finger on his left hand. Falma touched the part of Ellen’s finger where it was glowing.

“Ouch, ouch! What are you doing!?”
Ellen screamed and became teary eyed.
“Eh? But I didn’t put too much force on it”
“There, my finger got hit this morning and it’s painful.”
How did you realized I sprained my finger? I didn’t even bandage it!”

As soon as Falma said so, the pale bluish white color turned completely white. After trying a variety of things, he got results. If he made the sign of a circle on his left hand and channeled divine power on it, the patient’s affected part glowed bluish white, and the color changed if he guessed correctly the name of the disease or what’s wrong with it.

“This is surprising”
“It’s like the Divine Eye of the Medicine God. Master Falma, it is as I thought, ah!”
The Medicine Deity had a legend that it could detect all kinds of illness, and would bestow any kind of medicine depending on the symptom. Ellen pointed in horror at Falma’s feet, as she opened and closed her mouth wordlessly.

“You don’t, don’t…… have a shadow!”
Under Falma’s foot in front of her, there was no shadow.


As expected, Falma screamed at this.
“I won’t, I won’t say anything. I won’t tell anybody that you are the reincarnation of the Medicine Deity, I won’t say you are something like a monster, therefore……. Help meeeeeeee!”
Ellen seemed to finally felt that she was in great danger, and she ran away quickly while occasionally tripping.
She seemed so frightened that she threw away the frame of her glasses again.

“What should I do?”
Falma was honestly at a loss. It wouldn’t be noticeable in the mansion where there were many shadows and it’s dim, but outside where it’s considerably bright, Falma would stand out without a shadow. He had no choice but to believe that Ellen would keep it a secret

Still, he would get exposed one day for having a shadow, and would certainly get persecuted.
He got a headache while thinking so.

At the steps after crossing the bridge, he could see the figure of Ellen falling down magnificently ahead.
It seemed it would take quite a while for any word to remove the misunderstanding.

“Welcome home!”
“I’m back”
Falma returned back to the mansion after killing some time until evening. Lotte was warming up the room when he looked at her using the [Divine Eye]. Just then, the hand of the hard working girl, who did laundry and kitchen work, was emitting a dim blue light. There, he discovered a lot of chapped skin.

The blue light in her hand turned white.That seemed to be the correct answer.

He immediately created a moisturizing agent which was primarily a lotion with added floral fragrance, and placed it in a vial with a lovely ribbon a girl would surely like.

“Waah! What is this?”
“Because I’m grateful to you, this is your present. Apply it to your hands before going to bed. Your skin will become smooth after a while. You can even apply it to your face”
“Yes! I’m so glad!”
Lotte was so delighted that she wasn’t able to say anything anymore. She seemed to want to dance for joy.

“Can my mother use it too? Mother’s hand is also rough and dry”
Lotte raised the vial high while spinning around, and her innocent smiling face was bursting with pleasure.
“Of course”

The next day, Lotte and her mother went delightfully to Falma to show him their smooth hands.
“This is wonderful! Everybody wants to buy it!”
It was said that until now that there were only expensive oils and ointments for hand care. As for those expensive medications, the sales were being monopolized by the Apothecaries Guild.

“Madam would sometimes give medication to Mother, but those medicines are so expensive that a commoner doesn’t have access to it”
While looking at the back of Lotte who greeted him delightfully and was returning back to the attic, he thought that the common people had to be able to buy medicine with peace of mind. If he was to offer low priced medicine to the commoners, each and every one of them would probably be glad.

He was originally a pharmacologist with a strong dedication, and had risked his life to develop innovative drugs to cure people. He wanted to help the people of this unsophisticated world with the technical skills and knowledge he had.

Also, Falma didn’t want to stand out, since he didn’t even have a shadow, lest he be branded as a heretic who was not human anymore. In order to avoid being feared as a monster or persecuted enough to be killed…. Wait, to be accepted by everyone around him, even in the worst case that he got exposed, he had to become an existence necessary for them. He also had to be fully aware of any dangers, so he could work diligently.

To be able to spread the medicine and serve the people of this world, he needed to open independently a pharmacy in the future, and entrust his brother as the aristocrat business partner to fund his material creation.

Falma had began to thought up a plan for future prospects.



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