Parallel World Pharmacy



Japanese Title: 異世界薬局
Author: Takayama Rizu/Lizreel (高山 理図 / Lizreel)
Category: Japanese Web Novel, Historical, Parallel World, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Medical
Status: Ongoing


A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a Medieval Parallel Europe.

He was reincarnated as a 10 year old apprentice to a famous Royal Court Apothecary, and he had attained an inhuman ability to see through disease, creating substances, and removing substance.

In a society in which dubious medical practices are rampant, price gouging thru the monopoly of the apothecaries guild, and good medicine aren’t available to the commoners.

He was recognized by the empress at that time and opened a Pharmacy at the corner of the town.

He will wipe out the fraud that has swept the world, and deliver to the commoners a truly effective medicine that was developed using present day pharmacology.

Thus the boy pharmacist will cheat by using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines while helping the people of the parallel world, a story about living his new life to the fullest this time.

Chapter 2: Your Imperial Capital’s (Neighborhood) Diversis Mundi Pharmacy (1145-1146)

Episode 4 – Marseille Province Inspection and the Future of Medicine
Episode 5 – Silver and the Blue Earl
Episode 6 – The Boy with No Shadow and the Inquisition Officers
Episode 7 – Bone Fracture and the Sanctuary of the Medicine God
Episode 8 – Influenza and the Circumstances of a Certain Pharmacy
Episode 9 – The One Possessed by Evil Spirit Left the Cage
Episode 10 – Divine Medical Wand and the Homecoming of Palle de Médicis
Episode 11 – San Fleuve Grand Market and the Dark Rumor

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  1. i would like to translate this WN, but i don’t guarantee the quality though
    (it would be categorize as a whole new level of awesomeness if there’s proofreader or editor willing to help me)

      1. Its harem but the female either male character is so slow… so … dont make too much hope it became super fast blackhole harem like bakarina…
        This is slow blackhole harem…

  2. What’s weird is he doesn’t go through the ethical dilemmas of “if I keep my patients alive but still sick, I can make more money” that all big pharmaceuticals go through in the summary. Does he? Seems rather simple and naive if he doesn’t…

        1. Ps: Im still studying and my knowledge isnt comprehensive, so I am not an expert (I’m only 21 after all :p) but I should still be able to help regardless. ^^ cheers!

  3. He died from overwork? Lol, you’d think he’d know better, seems interesting, I’ll wait for a bit more before I start reading

  4. Looking at some of the titles, it appears like that world has magic, is that true or is this series completely without magic, only concentrating on medicine?

  5. What is thevturn over rate per week? Is it 1 chapter per week? Cause I think this is a good change for Mr who reads to much OP MC in martial arts @_@

  6. Wow! Really interesting! Hopefully it wont be pologamy marriage this time. Anyways, will there be wction or something? If its just about medical stuff it would get boring after awhile

  7. Well… this is just volum 1…
    Spoiler… alert….
    The volum 2 is about <redacted> & volum 3 is about <redacted>….
    So the writer always put a big (and hard) diase for the cool setting…
    Aa .. so… ganbate…
    Always prepare a headache medicine…

  8. This is really good. Thank you very much for translating it. ^^
    It is one of the translations I look forward to the most.

  9. really thanks for the translation
    it doesnt seems like it get dropped but is it in hiatus? or are you on break?
    its been quite a while since the last update,just wondering

  10. Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 10 – Editing
    99 %

    we can expecting that the new chapter will out soon . . .

  11. oh my god i cant belive i just did that i spent a few hours reading this but i started from chapter 2 not 1 and now i feel so stupid because it was still good when read like that

  12. I just started reading this series today and it has been quite interesting. Thank you for translating. Also I really like the way you put notes in the chapter instead of the more typical way of putting them after the chapter.

  13. Amazing story! a story in which a pharmacist can really relate… Wondering if the author is a pharmacist or a medical student. The choice of drugs and the information about diseases are right. Highly recommended to medical students who has a past time of reading manga or novels.. 😀

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