Syosetu Monthly Web Novel Ranking September 30, 2015

I had started this monthly ranking on Reddit early last month, which can be found here.

Now its time to update this ranking. It was a little bit stable up to the middle of the month and it was swinging wildly. Last months ranker had dropped and was replaced with fresh ones. Also its rare to see (for me anyway) romance type novels in the top 5 as it is usually dominated by fantasy type novels

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Quick update

I was thinking of re-coding my translation assistant tool in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) forms instead of the traditional WinForms to add more features to it without bundling a bunch of dll files to it. I want the application to be a single executable file without any installation files

I will have to do the transition of the app over the weekend. Anyway Slave Career is already at 50% done, will probably have a new chapter up either tomorrow or Thursday night EST

Magic Robot Aluminare: Broken Aluminare Part 3

Rejoice leechers, for the last part of chapter 1 is here. Also you might have notice that there is a teaser project called Parallel World Pharmacy, the author was mostly writing Sci-Fi story and this is his first foray into the Fantasy setting, so expect some SF in that work.

Anyway enjoy Chapter 1 Part 3
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Parallel World Pharmacy teaser

Greetings lurkers, as I was lurking on the syosetu ranking page looking for whats popular when this one caught my eye. This prologue also serves as a decent synopsis on what to expect. I might or might not continue translating the other chapters.

If you are interested in the raws, it can be found here. So without futher ado, read on.

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Magic Robot Aluminare : Prologue

This is a translation work I did by myself when I have spare time from my Real Life work and my other projects.¬†Thus this took a while to finish. I’m still gonna do the rest of the chapters but it will not be a consistent update, so don’t expect too much.

This has been done without proofreading as I’m not really good at it, but I tried my best to make sure grammar is OK. I’m open to anybody who wants to PR this.

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