Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 8

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Crimson Red Purple (Lavender) Color

“You are?”
“Julia. What is your name?”
“I am…… Almis. Is the butterfly your friend?”
“Friend? Hmm, it does feel like it.”
“It’s quite intelligent. It seems to understand my words.”
When I said so, Julia looked perplexed.
And she began to burst out in laughter.
What the hell……

“Hehe, butterflies can’t have such intelligence. I just borrowed its body.”
“Don’t you know the story about how a high-ranking sorcerer transfers their soul to an animal?”

I definitely didn’t know. I don’t even understood magic itself.

“So, why did you call me?”
“I think that I would like to hear a bit about your story. How did you curry favor with the Griffon? What agreement did you make?”
“There was no particular agreement. Rather, that fellow requested for help.”
I explained it to Julia while hiding the fact that I was reincarnated.
Julia had a surprised look on her face.

“Really…… However, I learned that when you enter Romano Forest, the Griffon will devour you. Actually, it seemed a curse came upon to the previous people of that village that tried to cultivate something near the forest, a plague had spread. So how come the Griffon was compassionate to all of you?”
“Who knows? However, don’t you agree that we may sometimes help a butterfly that got tangled in the spider’s web?”
I don’t have to needlessly involve her about the village.
It’s not worth it, considering the village will be hijacked if it was inundated by a wave of new people.

The Griffon may change it’s mind if plenty of people would arrive.

“Then why were you the leader?”
“I don’t know. I thought I was worthy of it.”
Julia expressed a look of dissatisfaction. Her questions were not cleared away.
But the dissatisfied look went away immediately. And I thought I saw her expression was somewhat mischievous.

Julia’s right eye dimly illuminated.

“Do you get it? Are you satisfied now?
What the hell was that?

“Next, you may ask me a question.”
“Then, what are you?”
“Didn’t I already said I’m Julia?”

I already know your name.
But, it’s unlikely she would tell me what she really is. Can’t be help then. Well then……

“I want you to tell me about magic. Slowly from the beginning.”
“I don’t really mind but…… it’s really simple. It is caused by the mysterious power of the spirit. You can heal wounds and vitality, conversely, you can hurt someone, and predict disaster.”
“Can you conjure fire?”
“It’s possible. However, a magic that can directly damage the person’s flesh it quite difficult. It’s even difficult for me.”

Difficult for her too, she said……
But it’s amazingly appealing that I want it.

At any rate, that was a simple explanation. Magic, can’t it reproduce spells such as Meteo or Gigadein?
I mean it’s called Ma-gic……
Malicious curses had a gloomy image.

Be as it may, was this young lady a magician too? Does someone with such a cute face be able to curse someone to death?

That reminds me, that Griffon told me that the famine was caused by a curse.
Should I ask her if there was a rare expert that was able to do it?

“What do you think caused the famine?”
“It’s definitely a curse. It was a curse that specifically targeted crops. Although it was difficult to kill a person or an animal with a curse, killing plants was relatively easy.”

As Julia said so, she kneeled and pulled up some weeds and showed it to me.
Julia then breathed on the weed, the color changed to black and it died.

“Just like that.”
“Who would do something like that, like cursing the crops?

If there was no curse, the children wouldn’t have been abandoned.
I could accept it if it was a natural disaster, but if it was a deliberate action by a human, it irritates me just thinking about it.

“Who was it? Actually rather than that, the proper question is, which country? It is impossible for an individual to do such a large-scale spell. Even with 100 magicians without using any sacrifice, I think it’s impossible. It was the Romano Forest, a small country in the south, and the countries of King Domagal & Gilberd to the north that was affected. Considering that the country of King Faludam was not affected, you might think he was the mastermind behind it, but the king completely denies it. For me, I think the real mastermind is the country to the north of King Faludam’s country.”

So they got themselves messily tangled with King ○○ or King □□.
~Being the King of a country sounds like too much work ~it’d be better just living in a peaceful country.

Doesn’t that idea exist here?
Or was there a country that doesn’t involve themselves in war? Or does the name of the country changes when the ruling king change?
In ancient Japan too, the capital change every time there was a new emperor.

No, wait a minute.
Perhaps, it may be the royal family. No, it’s definitely the royal family. I’m sure.

“Are you done with your questions now?”
“Yeah, I’m done asking. How about you? I still have various necessary fieldwork that I have to do tomorrow.”
And so our discussion had come to an end.

“Nah, I’m good. By the way, isn’t today a full moon? So, on the next full moon, won’t you come here again?”
“Why? You have already seen my face and our business here is done.”
“I want to know more about you.”

Why is it?
Is she perhaps trying to seduce me?
Have I become more popular after dying!? ——-

“What do I get out of this?”
“Won’t you be able to get chummy with a cute girl this way?”
“Thaー that’s ridiculous. How can a brat of around 10 years old say that?”

Sorry but I’m not a lolicon.
But I’m currently 10 years old right now, so it might not be really considered as Lolicon, but even we disregard that, I don’t get any sexual desire to such a child.

“So, what is good for you?”
“Teach me about magic, how about it?”
Julia frowned when I suggested that.

“You have to know men can’t do magic.”
“Why is that?”
“Men and women have different spirit quality. A man learning magic is as bizarre as a woman learning swordsmanship.”

I see. So was that the reason the sex ratio of the children were 50-50?
Because girls can use magic to some extent, therefore abandoning them just because they are just girls, would be a loss to a nation.

“But is it possible that I can do it?”
“Yes, it’s possible but……”
“Then teach me a little. For self-defense.”
Actually, I’m not interested in magic nor I really need to learn it.
What I’m concerned about was us not having any countermeasures to curses.

The Griffon said it was okay, but I doubt it even if he seems to be decent.
Even if the boys was trained in kendo and judo, no matter how strong they are, it can’t be compared to a curse.

I want the girls to learn magic by any means.
For now, I’m going to dance with this girl and see if she would be trustworthy

I will plan to ask her help in training the girls if she can prove to be trustworthy.

…… But, if I’m not careful, I can’t deny the possibility that she would only gain my trust just to steal our food supply.
Well, as long as the location of the village was not known, I don’t think it would be plundered, so the possibility was extremely low.

“Then, let us meet on the next full moon.”
“That’s fine with me. Later then.”

Julia and I parted ways.

“Hehe, that boy was interesting.”
Julia was thinking about Almis.
Although he looks like a child, he had an air of an adult.

As expected, it looked like he had the so called divine blessing

“No need to be worried since I myself had an overwhelming number of divine blessings.”
Julia thought about Almis’ divine blessing that she saw through her Divine Blessing of Perception.
Julia looked at the full moon.

“Should I go back to my country soon? Father might be worried about me.”
Julia headed south and disappeared into the forest.

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