Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 7

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“And that’s what had happened.”
“That was tough. Well, you don’t have to really worry about it. It’s not only humans that kill their fellow species. Besides, human life is similar to the ants. Maybe it’ll bother you less if you just think of it just like normal food.”
“I understand what you are saying but…… Humans are not easily comprehensible.”

I didn’t particularly think that I feel sorry for that man, I didn’t even felt any regret killing him.
Given a similar situation again, I would probably kill him again in the end.

However, there was an unspeakable discomfort.
Was this the result of the so-called moral compass?

“Hmm, little one will be fine. Killing the same species and not getting any discomfort would be an aberrant. A child raised by an aberrant would be an aberrant. However, don’t lose your way, because it would be such a waste.”
The Griffon snorted as it said that.

“By the way, did you only come to report such things?”
“No, not exactly…… I want you to take a quick look at this.”
I showed it a wooden branch that I brought.
The thick branch was as big as an adult’s arm.

I snapped it in two in front of the Griffon.

“So what?”
“Can’t you see it’s really strange? How can a 10-year-old kid have a herculean strength!!”
“Really? But this one have seen a certain clan, which was only a human, that was able cut down a tree with one hand.”
“There’s absolutely no way that kind of person existed.”
Isn’t that some kind of an orc or a troll?
However, I don’t know whether an orc or a troll existed on this world.

“Please be assured, those guys have left this land 3000 years ago. It seems there was one to the north and another to the west.”
“Then it’s a relief.”
If those guys come over, no matter how much I thought about it, I don’t feel courageous enough to win.

“So, did you just come to show off your marvelous strength?”
“No, it’s not like that. I came to ask why I suddenly have herculean strength.”
I was just a normal 10-year-old child until recently.
And then I have this herculean strength now.
Thinking about it now, I had this uncomfortable feeling gradually increasing ever since we traded the iron sword for iron farming tools…… It’s like a hunch.

But after I woke up, everything changed completely.

That’s why I came to the Griffon, which had lived for several thousand years, as it might know something about this strange event.

“Isn’t it little one’s body? If you don’t understand it, how would I be able to understand it? Oh well, if I presume an answer, it seems to be a divine blessing. If it’s a miracle from the old days, it will always be a divine blessing.”
If it’s a miracle…… that’s an appropriate way to call divine blessings.

“Isn’t little one a Lost Person? Then it’s only natural you would be holding to at least one divine blessing. This one had met all the Lost People, and all of them have a divine blessing. Still, this is surprising. I thought that since you were reincarnated, your divine blessing should be something related to your soul but…… a physical ability type, huh? Well, it doesn’t matter when it comes to divine blessings.”
“Does that mean I can have multiple divine blessings?”

I don’t understand well how rare are divine blessings, but the Griffon in front of me seems to hold several divine blessings. So then, it wouldn’t be strange that I will have multiple divine blessings, right?

“Divine blessing holders are divided into two types. Single Divine Blessing holder, and Multiple Divine Blessing holder. Never seen anyone that was able to hold more than two or three divine blessings. Other than little one’s herculean strength, I don’t sense any other divine blessing. So your assumption is impossible.”
Damn, that’s not what I want to hear.
I don’t particularly like to be lumped together with those cheat-type bastards. It would defeat the purpose of making an effort.
I’m not disappointed at all!

“Are you done with what you want to say?”
“Yeah. I failed to fully understand it, but I have to reflect on this alone.”
I left the den of the Griffon.

“Say Good morning when I give the signal. As I will stop Divine Blessing of Language while you’re trying to say it.
When I tried to imitate Tetora’s sound, she grimaced.

“Your pronunciation was different. It was around in the middle and at the end. Please listen to it carefully.”
Tetora once again said good morning while hearing it from this world’s language.
And I said it once again as I pay attention to the accent on the middle and last part.

“That tone, repeat it once again.”
Good morning, Good morning

Today I was learning this world’s language.
Sometimes I forgot that I can talk to Tetora-chan using the Divine Blessing of Language.”
In other words, without the divine blessing, I can’t do anything at all.
Furthermore, this blessing was loaned to me. That means it was not strange that I will lose my fluency at any time.

Of course, it would be a problem if I lose my ability to communicate with them.
Therefore, I asked Tetora to teach me like this.

By the way, I chose Tetora because she was the only one that was able to do honorific, humble, and polite language.
It was a mystery why Tetora was able to do it.
But for now, it’s an inconsequential mystery.

This was quite difficult.
Because the pronunciation doesn’t resemble either Japanese or English, it was not easy to improve.
If I keep repeating it for a number years, will I be able to speak it properly?
At least, I don’t have to speak English.

“Hey leader, what are you doing?”
“It’s language practice.”
I answered Ron’s questions. Ron looks puzzled.
It can’t be helped then, I explained the Divine Blessing of Language, and Ron finally understood. Don’t you sometimes take these things for granted? I know how it feels.

“Hey Tetora, why don’t you teach me too?”
“But can’t you already speak normally?”
“My polite speech is weak.”
Ron scratched his head in shame.

“You’re worrying about that? Is it gonna rain tomorrow……? Was the preparation for the turnip that we sowed ready?”
“You see, I’m the assistant leader, right? In any event, I want my speech to be proper too!”
At the same time Ron said it, an angry voice resounded.
“Oy! I’m the assistant leader!!”
It was Roswald.

“What did you say!? Didn’t you already put the leader in a dangerous situation?”
“Shut up! I’m stronger than you when it comes to sword practice!!”
“Such misjudgment. You can’t even beat the leader.”
“Even so, I know I’m more competent than you. Right, Nii-san?”
“I’m the assistant leader, right? Leader?”

What are these guys doing!?
An assistant leader would not be selected by their swordsmanship skills. Or more precisely, it would really be risky if I assign any of the two to be an assistant leader.

“Then both of you needs to learn proper speech. Whoever learns it properly first would be the assistant leader.”
When I said so, both approached Tetora.
“Teach us quickly!!”
“Wait. I’m still the middle of teaching Almis.”
As they were fighting each other, one by one the children began to gather.

“Uーumm…… I want to be an assistant leader too!”
“Me too, me too!!”
Gram and Soyon insisted in a loud voice.

Eventually, it has been decided that every day there would be a time for us to do a group study.

“No, it’s nothing.”
However, in reality, Miss Tetora was the assistant leader.

It was during that night.
I woke up feeling some discomfort on my face.

When I opened my eyes, several butterflies (or moth) were fluttering.
Furthermore, one of the butterflies was emitting a green color. It was eerie.

After I was fully awake, the butterflies were fluttering towards the entrance of the pit-house.
Feeling relieved, I closed my eyes.

I soon as I did that, my nose felt uncomfortable. When I opened my eyes, it met the butterfly’s eyes. The butterfly fluttered again towards the entrance.

It went on for another 5 times before I realized.

“Are you inviting me?”

As if acknowledging, the butterfly continued to go outside.

……Seems like I won’t be able to sleep until I follow it.
I attached my iron to my hip and followed the butterfly.

“Where the hell are you leading me on?”
An hour had passed since I started following the butterfly.
It was only the moonlight and the green luminescence of the butterfly’s scales that showed me the way.

“Just wait a minute. I’m going to mark something.”
Every time I took 10 steps, I mark a tree with a sword. There would be a possibility that the monster butterfly would make me a lost child…… I don’t think so, but I may really lose my way back home.

I was already following for quite a while, and then I was out of the woods.
A small lake appeared before me.

The water on the lake was being illuminated by the moonlight and it induced some fear while being mysterious.

Suddenly, something caught my eye at the opposite side of the lake.
There was a young lady with purple red (lavender) hair.
It seems she was sleeping with her back resting on the tree.

The butterfly with green luminescence went to the girl and stayed on her hair.
The girl stood up the same time the green luminescence went out.

Her lavender hair was illuminated by the moonlight.

She had a beautiful and mysterious figure.
She was like the moon and lake goddess.

“Nice to meet you…… was that the correct way to say it? Griffon’s messenger-sama.
The girl laughed in a mischievous way.

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