Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 6

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Hunting and Hunting-Gathering

I stood 10 meters away from the wooden board.
I raised the bow while staring intently at the board.
Pulled the arrow all the way, aimed carefully, and fired off.

The arrow passes cleanly beside the board and disappeared into the woods.


“Leader is crap at this. That’s already the 10th time.”
“Yoーyou’re noisy! Then why don’t you do it!?”
I pushed the bow to Ron-kun.

Archery was very difficult.
I can’t draw the bow to its limit without putting too much effort since the bowstring were stiff.
The aim was off if I don’t hold it steady.

I’m not that shitty, archery was just that difficult!

Ron-kun pulled the arrow all the way and clearly aimed.
And he shoots.

The arrow sank into the ground just right before the board.

“It seems’s Ron-kun can’t do it too. Then we can’t possibly hunt with this. What shall we do? This is worrisome.”
“Don’t say it with such a gleeful face! You’re so childish!!”
“But I’m a kid you know?”
“You have a mind of an adult!!’
Annoying kid. The mind and body are two separate things!!

When Ron-kun and I were arguing, Gram-kun took the bow away from us.
He then silently pulled an arrow and shoots.
The arrow hits the board magnificently.

“No way!!”
“It’s suspicious that Gram can do it!!”
“How, how can you both say that……”
It was just a fluke. It must be a fluke.
It’s impossible for Gram-kun, who obviously has slow reflexes, to hit anything.

“Try it once more.”
Gram nodded and nocked the arrow again.
The arrow simply hit the board.

It doesn’t seem to be a fluke……

“Even though I felt that the bowstring was very stiff, you were able to simply pull it all the way. And I can’t even graze the board yet you simply hit it…… Tell me honestly, are your reflexes that good?”
“Eh? Yーyes…… Maybe……”
What’s maybe about that? At least, be more confident.

“Tell me your secret.”
“Well…… You don’t use your arm for the bow, you use your back muscles to pull the string.”
Pulling with your back?
For now, I had the talented Gram show me the proper motion.

With his guidance, I was able to easily pull the string all the way back.
However, I still wasn’t able to hit.

Oh well, I will just entrust the hunting to Gram-kun.

“After three years we will lose all support from the Griffon. Then we won’t be able to eat meat. It will now depend on your skill whether we can eat meat. So do your best!”
I said so as I pat Gram-kun’s shoulder.
Gram-kun nods with a nervous expression.

“But isn’t there only one bow? It will be too hard for Gram alone. We must get more.”
“Easy now, don’t panic. I too have thought about it. First of all, I want you all to look at this.”
“What is that? A pouch?”
“It’s a hand sling!”
That Griffon had caught something like a rabbit for us. I peeled off that rabbit’s skin and used it to make this.
The structure was simple, I still struggled to build it.

“You use it this way.”
I set the stone into the sling and I swung my arm in a large motion.
The stone flew quite far away.

“If we practice, we might be able to reach a point where we can get some birds. Above all, it’s easy to make. I already have three. We can quickly equip everyone if you help me.”
The children badgered me to let them try it.
Well〜, it’s tough being the cool guy.

“Woohoo, I got a catch!! Look! It is pretty big……”
I looked what was near Ron’s foot.
There were five fishes that he caught, bigger than the fish that I caught……

“What the hell!”
“Leader is terribly awful at this. Terribly.”
“Don’t say it twice!!”
My heart can’t take this!

“We only have two fishing poles, but the leader doesn’t need one, it’s better to give it to another person.”
It was a logical choice……

However, fishing only won’t fill our stomachs.
Well, it’s not that important.
And no, I am not annoyed!

“Can’t be helped, all right, I’ll give it to Soyon-chan then. You both can look forward to a good lovey-dovey fishing date .”
“Whaー! What are you talking about leader!? I don’t think Soyon-chan like that.”
Ron-kun’s face was bright red.
Great, it’s my win.

I gloated that I had the upper hand.

“This herb is edible. That berry will give you diarrhea, but you can remove the toxins if you soak it on water.”
“As expected from you Griffon-sama. By the way, does Griffon-sama eat anything other than meat?
“Of course, I do occasionally. Sometimes this one want’s to eat some herbs.”
As expected for a Griffon.
It’s eating healthy.
I mean, it was not strange for it to eat some fruits since it has the upper body of a bird.
No, would a bird still be a bird even though it’s a bird of prey?

Now that I think about it, what would be the Griffon’s classification? Would it be a mammal or a bird?
Does it matter?

“Why is the little one asking all about this? Aren’t you already doing farming?”
“Because agriculture can severely change the environment. And for me personally, I’m not really well informed about agriculture. It’s possible that I might fail. Therefore, I need an insurance.”

Those children were abandoned because a famine occurred.
I’m not fully convinced that a similar thing will not happen in our fields.

“Hmm, I see. Well then, I’ll be going back to my territory soon. This one is getting sleepy.”
The Griffon said so and flapped its wings.
The Griffon quickly flew away.

“I should also go back soon.”
It was probably around the time that I was going back to the village.
I heard someone screamed.

That was Roswald-kun’s voice!!

I started to run.
I put my hand on the handle of the iron sword which I brought for protection.

Any animal’s face was a weak point.
It will probably run away if I hit their face.
If ever, it will only just get angry to me…… At least, it might give a chance for Roswald-kun to run away. Since my life was supposed to have been snuffed out anyway.

I was running when I heard multiple voices carried by the wind.
“Hey, don’t run stupid brat!”
“Stop it!! It’s no use kidnapping me. I was already abandoned by my parents! My parents won’t be able to give you food!!”
“You’re so stupid! I already know it. You have lots of iron swords, right?”

The opponent was a human!
Damn, was it a mistake to show off those iron swords?

However, they are weaker than wolves or bears.
I felt a bit of relief.

It’s time for the kendo that I learned from the director of the orphanage to be useful.

A man and Roswald-kun entered my field of vision. Thank god. Roswald-kun was safe. And the man was alone.
Furthermore, his back was facing me so I can take him down.

I took out the hand sling. Roswald-kun will be safe since he would be protected by the man’s back. I can throw without worries.

The stone that was let loose by the sling had splendidly hit the man’s head.
The man held his head, releasing Roswald-kun.

“Roswald-kun!! Now! Before it’s too late!”
When I said so, Roswald-kun ran to me.

Now then, we must escape quickly.

“Wait! Stupid brat!!”
This is bad, he was catching up.

The stride of a child can’t keep up with that of an adult in the first place.
The distance will shorten quickly.

“Roswald-kun, run away without me! I will hold that guy here.”
“Do it quickly!!”
When I shouted at him, Roswald-kun ran away at full speed. And with that, it’s okay now.

“Hoo, you’re stalling for time so your friend can get away? That makes me cry. At any rate, you have such a gorgeously cute face.”
The man with a wooden rod on his hand was smirking.
The wooden rod was considerably thick. Depending on where I’m hit, I’m going to be instantly killed.

“Tell me one thing. What is your purpose?”
“I can get iron swords from you, twerp.”
“After that?”
“I will trade the iron sword for food. I really do not want to work in the field, so I’m going to pick up some slaves. But now I will have to change my plans because of you.”
“Really, that is certainly a relief.”
“You’re an idiot, someone called a trash!”

I pulled out my iron sword and quickly got close to the man.
The man was about to defend himself with the wooden rod, but it was too late.
My iron sword slashed the flesh of the man together with the wooden rod.

I raised my sword once again and stabbed his heart.
Fresh blood burst out.

“Thank god he was careless.”
He was fighting with poor physique. A tall opponent looking down on me just because he thinks he can overpower me.
Considering that the difference in swordsmanship technique and the quality of the weapon between him and I was worlds apart.
Yet this guy was careless.

It didn’t change even if an amateur was able to close the gap in no time.
Actually, the murderer who caused the murder was not a master in martial arts.
Only a person who stabbed an enemy that won.

“There was no other way. My ass will be violated if I left it be. There was also a possibility of starving if my sword was taken. Lots of adults may come if the location of our village will be known. It was necessary to kill you here. I had no choice.”

I justified myself. I was right. There was no other choice but to do that.

I looked down at the body.
After that, intense nausea surged from my body.

And I vomited.
Things that were on my stomach was thrown out.

I don’t particularly sympathize with this guy. It’s only natural that such garbage must die.
I only felt sick because I did something I’m not accustomed to.

“Leader!! Are you okay!?”
I heard Ron-kun’s voice.
There were children with an iron sword before me.

Roswald-kun seems to be fine too.

“I’m okay. I’m alright.”
Soon after I finished speaking, I fainted.

I don’t know my parent’s faces.

My guardians were the teachers at the orphanage.

Occasionally, when I see a child who cries because they want to see their parents, I felt lonely.
It’s not that I want to meet them.

Why would my parents abandon me?

Was it economical not raising me?
Or was my mother a minor?
Was I a child of someone that was raped?

Either way, the excuse I made when I killed the man was probably the same when they abandoned me.
After all, a child of a frog will still be a frog.

“Uuh…… Where am I?”
“!!! Almis is awake!!”
I heard Tetora-chan’s loud voice.
What’s happening? It’s so noisy. Just let me sleep a bit more.

The children gathered around while making a rustling sound.
“What is it? You’re all panicking.”
“Leader was asleep for three days.”
Three days?
Why did I sleep so much……

Ah, I see. It’s because I killed a person.
And so I fainted, huh?

Even though I remembered it, I didn’t feel nauseous.
Three days, It might have been enough to restore my mind.

“Nii-san! Are you alright?”
Roswald-kun looked into my face.
Nii-san huh…… Sounds good.

“I’m fine, thank you. I’m sorry for making you worry.”
I patted Roswald-kun’s head.

Roswald-kun jumped into my chest while crying.
“I was so worried about you! I think it’s my fault if Nii-san died……So!!”
“I’m really sorry. Because I only did something I wasn’t accustomed to, I was tired. I can probably start working today.”

I continued patting Roswald-kun’s head.

If possible, I want them to call me father……

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