Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 3

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“What is this……”
“Little one will understand once you see it. It’s the same race as the little one.”

That guy took me to a nearby cave.
Upon entering, I saw 30 human children.
Five of them are still toddlers. 20 of them are between ages 7 – 9 years old. And the remaining 5 are about the same age as the current me.

“Why are the children became like this?”
“You know, humans have recently been coming to abandon their children on this one’s forest.”

I see. It probably means there was a famine.
I thought because they are starving, the parents just abandoned them in the forest.

“So, I will take care of the children?”
“It is as the little one said. This will make the discussion move quickly.”
The Griffon nods in a big way.
I do not dislike children. Rather, I like them very much.
I can greatly sympathize with them who had been left by their parents since I also grew up in an orphanage. Therefore, I don’t have any problem with helping them.

“There is nothing to eat and can they even speak?”
“Within three years, young one must bring in food. Young one must do something within three years.”
This was unexpected……
It’s probably because I said that I even ate an insect.
This guy, was he actually a good guy?

“Why don’t you help them?”
“If a starving puppy approached and clings, will little one pick it up? After that, will little one irresponsibly abandon them? Picking them up is akin to being responsible for them. That’s how it is.”
I see.
He certainly was aware that it was bad.
Although he had the capacity to help them, they will just starve if he doesn’t use that capacity.
It was not good for that guy’s mental well-being.

However, the Griffon was different from a human.
This guy probably doesn’t know how to raise a human.
Therefore, that guy was troubled.

The discussion had been settled.
I have to introduce myself to the children first.

“That being the case, I am now your leader! Please treat me well.”
When I said so……

They responded in a language from a universe I didn’t know.

This was bad news.
I don’t understand this world’s language.

If I calmly thought about it, there was now way that Japanese and this world’s language will be the same. Such opportunity was not realistic.
Associating with them as a leader and living on this place will be difficult.

Wait a minute? How was I able to speak with the Griffon?

“This one apologize. I just remembered that a Lost Person are not able to speak the language of the land. This one forgot about it.”
“Why can I speak with you then?”
“Because this one have Divine Blessing of the Divine Word. So it’s only natural.”

Divine blessing…… Some fantasy-like thing came out.
As expected for a Griffon. It did have mysterious power after all.

“But this is a problem. All right, this one will lend you a divine blessing for a while.”
“…… You will lend it!?”
“Usually, it’s impossible. However, this one has Divine Blessing of Lending.”

As expected of you, Griffon-senpai!
Having a head of an eagle and a lower body of a lion was not just for show.

“But if I could speak with the children, wouldn’t I be unable to speak with you?”
“Fool, this one cannot simply lend the precious divine blessing to the little one. I can only lend Divine Blessing of Language.”
“How many divine blessings do you have?”
There were three mentioned in passing up to now.
Was there a special bargain sale for divine blessings?

“There are 12. Although, only a few of them are usable. Divine Blessing of Language is useless to this one, the problem is this one’s vocal chord.”

Either way, he had too many, doesn’t it?
This guy, he is an unimaginable cheat beast. Or was this just average specs for a Griffon? To begin with, including this one, how many Griffon are there?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

“That being the case now, once again, treat me well.”
A foreign language naturally came forth from my mouth.
This is certainly convenient. With this, I don’t need to study English, doesn’t it?

“Yes…… Please treat us also well…… Oniichan.”
A brown haired girl replied.
Oniichan…… That really sounds good.

“You, tell me your name!”
A seemingly brazen brat asked me.
“Before you ask for my name, you should tell first.”
I replied with a cliche phrase and the kid gave his name with a verbal smackdown.

“It’s Ron. Until now, I’m the leader. See, I gave my name! Now tell me your name!”
“My name is……”
I was about to say it when I realized.
What should I name myself?

Should I give my Japanese name? But I’m not Japanese anymore. It just doesn’t feel right if I used my Japanese name.
No, my name does not matter but……

“My name for this place, what should you think is good?”
I asked the Griffon.
“How about Almis?”
“What does that mean?”
“There is no particular meaning. This one only thought it sounds good.”

I see.
But perhaps even so, what was supplied to me was good because it was spoken in this world without any meaning to it.

“Then I am Almis. Please treat me well, Ron-kun.”
I stretched out my hand. Ron-kun just looked the other way.
Why was it?
“How old are you?”
“20 years old.”
“That’s a lie!!”

Even so, that was the truth but……

I looked towards the Griffon. Please, I beg you to tell them.

“What this little one is saying was true. It looks to me little one became a kid before he knew it, right?”
“Yeah! …… It is what the Griffon had said……”
Ron-kun suddenly became meek.
He then glared at me and declared,

“I don’t recognize you as our leader yet!!”
Was that so?
Even so, I understand where he is coming from. A new kid suddenly appeared and became a leader.

“Forgive us. Ron-kun doesn’t mean any ill-will. He is just somewhat stupid……”
The girl who called me oniichan a while ago covered up for Ron.
“What’s you name?”
“I am Soyon. Ron-kun is my childhood friend……”

I see. Childhood friend huh.
Ron-kun, you are one lucky bastard for having a pretty childhood friend.

“Oi! Who are you calling stupid”
“But that is the truth.”
“You’re stupid for calling me stupid!”
“Then you’re stupid too, Ron-kun.”
“”Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!!””

They suddenly began to quarrel
More like a lover’s quarrel.

Looking at the interaction between the two, the other children were laughing too.

It seems to be quite a lively bunch.

Looking from the appearance at least.
Speaking accurately, they can’t be lively if they don’t act lively.
That’s right.
Because they were deceived by their parents, by leading them deep into this forest and abandoned them.
It’s only expected for them to have some psychological shock.
Who among the children will still believe in their parents?

They are desperately trying to forget it.

How long did Ron-kun desperately shouldered being a leader?

The reason Soyon-chan welcomed me was not to because she had confidence in me, but probably because it was to lessen the burden of Ron-kun.

The reason the two were bickering was to brighten up everyone around us now.
I will probably do something idiotic like this one every day.
I’m just not sure whether they are doing this intentionally or unintentionally.
However, either way, it was abnormal for a child that they must do such thing.

“I can absolutely help them,”
I muttered.

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