Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 2

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It was a phenomenon in fictions in which it had the highest probability to occur when one was run over by a truck.
Fictions are made up stories, to put it bluntly, they are stories that didn’t occur in real life.

Thus, reincarnation was a lie, it’s impossible to occur in reality.
Yeah, it should be impossible.

“This is a dream. I’m sure, this must be just a dream. I’m sure I will be on a bed in a hospital when I wake up, or being ran over by the truck was a dream. Yeah, I’m sure of it. Humans just simply die so it’s impossible.”
I laid down on the ground while thinking so.
The night sky was full of stars and a huge moon.
So beautiful~ for a dream!

I closed my eyes.
I believed that when I wake up, all of this was just a dream in the end.

This was the reality after all!

I checked my face on the water surface under the bright morning sun and despaired.
What am I going to do now?
I have nothing to reply to that!

“However, the face is not that bad.”
What reflected in front of me was a young boyー no, my face.

Emaciated, and dirty like a stray dog, but each part still looks good.
The color of his skin was generally known as olive color.

“Oh well, now that I am awake, there’s nothing to be done about it……”
To start with, I need to begin preparing the necessities to survive.
After gathering some information and if there was a way to return to Japan, I will return, if not I will have to live here.

I shall go with that objective for now.

But first I have to say one thing……

“My body needs some food.”

So I stood up.

I searched in the forest.
I thought the trees in the forest was really big, but now I understand.
It looked big because I shrank. Calling the tree huge was not really huge.

“Nevertheless, there is nothing here, in this forest.”
There weren’t any kinds of nuts or fruits at all.
The grass that I somehow ate was growing inside the forest… I’ll hold back for now since I don’t want to die.

Judging from the temperature I’m feeling, seems like it’s summer.
There should be one thing I can eat during summer. Maybe my search method was wrong.
In the first place, I do not have any knowledge regarding wild grasses. Besides, I’m assuming this place was another world.
It was a mystery to me whether the vegetation was the same as the ones on Earth.

“Either way, I have no choice but to eat insects……”
I watched a line of ants in front of me.

Although it was thanks to the centipede last night that I regained some physical strength, it doesn’t mean that I have to eat more immediately.
But this body had insufficient nutrition in the first place.
I may not be able to move tomorrow if I pushed myself all day long.

I should, at least, learn how to start a fire.
So that I can grill and eat with a peace of mind some ants, cicadas, centipedes, and even some scorpions too.
Oh well, I did eat something raw while still wriggling yesterday.

I wonder how can I start a fire.
I know that frictional heat caused by rubbing two twigs will start fire……
Igniting a fire was a mystery to me, I can’t even find some suitable twigs.
I feel that it’s not a wise move to waste my physical strength and time if I can’t do it.

It’s probably better to search for a human dwelling.

“Oi kid, you over there. This is this one’s territory. Leave at once.”

I was called out from behind.
The voice seems to be commanding, but I’m certain it belongs to a human person.
The heavens haven’t abandoned me yet!!

“Actually, I’m lost……”

When I looked back, there was a monster before my eyes.

The face and upper body looked like a hawk and it had a huge wing.
The lower part of the body had four legs, like a lion.

It was a Griffon.

The heavens seem to have abandoned me.

“Umm, I don’t taste good! I’m only skin and bones. I only ate a centipede yesterday. So it’s better if you stoー stop!”
I backed off.
I was reincarnated with great pain, why do I have to go through so much effort to pick up my life back!

“This one is picky with food. Who would eat something disgusting like you bastard? Do you think this one is a fool?”
“It’sー it’s not like that. Ahahahaha. In fact, I’m actually leaving now. Goodbye~”

I began to run at full speed. It seems like the other party doesn’t want to eat me and just wants me out. Then I should be able to escape. Since it was not my intent to invade the territory or domain of that person(?).

woosh woosh woosh

I heard a noise of flapping wings.
Sands was flying everywhere, and I reflexively closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the Griffon was in front of me.
Furthermore, it was angry and it’s feather was ruffled.

“Are you trying to tell me that this one’s territory ends ahead? Everything inside the forest is my territory, a person cannot enter or leave. That was the pledge. Even so you bastard, are you still planning to acquire your food on this one’s territory?”
“I’m sorry. My bearing was wrong for a bit. It is indeed still your grace’s territory ahead, therefore……”
“Don’t lie! The pledge between this one and your bastard people has been passed down for these past 200 years! Even little kids know it!”

Even if you said that, I don’t know what I don’t know.

The beast had a majestic appearance in spite of having a short fuse.

“Tell me a little more honest excuse. If you do so, this one will let you live.”
The Griffon said so as it scowls at me. A chill ran up through my whole body.
This guy intends to kill me. Just because I’m an eyesore.

I don’t have any excuses.

“That…… Actually, I was reincarnated.”
“Haa? This one doesn’t understand the meaning.”
The expression of the Griffon changed. Its eyes were glittering and shining. I may actually die here.

“Well, you see, when I woke up I was already in the forest, I don’t even know why I became a kid. This is the truth you know? Please believe me.”
I knelt on the ground and begged. I want to be pardoned from dying on the second day because I was reincarnated with great pains.

Whether my desperate kneeling worked, I felt that the Griffon’s killing intent had subsided.
The eyes of the griffon shined red.
“Little one…. Is a Lost Person? I see. Then it is no wonder little one didn’t know. This one is sorry.”

Suddenly the Griffon’s killing intent disappeared completely.
I don’t understand it quite well, but I do somewhat understand.

“This one feel sorry for little one. Living from your hometown that you are familiar to such a remote place, oh well, there is no method to return. It is your responsibility to be liked by the young ones. If you want to blame someone, blame your own life.”

I didn’t quite understood it, but this fellow seems to know something about reincarnation.

“Umm…… What is a Lost Person?”
“Those are people from another world coming over to this world.”
“It’s not being born again?”
The Griffon was puzzled as it didn’t understand the meaning of my question.

I explained what happened to my current body. The Griffon groaned.
“Hmm, this one dont know. This one have not heard such phenomenon. The Lost Person this one met a hundred years ago didn’t say they were reborn, but…… Well, is there such a thing like that?”
“To begin with, the phenomenon is called Lost Person. Although you have been reborn to this extent, nothing strange had happened.”
I didn’t really understood it, but the Griffon started to arbitrarily understand it.
I cannot understand it at all.

It’s no use worrying now. I will probably have to steadily investigate it.
“By the way little one, you explained earlier that your soul was of an adult?”
“Yeah, it is. It’s difficult now, but what can I do?”
The griffon grinned at my question…… It was really visible.

“Instead of just ignoring it, this one request a job from the little one.”

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  1. he Seriously saying it eh
     It was a phenomenon in fictions in which it had the highest probability to occur when one was run over by a truck.
     Fictions are made up stories, to put it bluntly, they are stories that didn’t occur in real life.”
    well done Author :v

    1. If totally true about myths example witches and vampires
      On witches who can not touch the water in the wizard of OZ for example, the reality is that there are people with allergy algua. It is the same with the vampires there are people who are allergic to sunlight and there was a count who drank blood. Equal for the doubts as it says a refran the witches do not exiten but that there are XD

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