Old Guy Machine Translator and your friendly neighborhood Admin for MoonBunnyCafe, helping other translators if I like the novel they are working on. I’m also one of the resident Admin, so if you see anything broken on this site leave a comment below to notify me

Currently translating Akashic Record of a Bastard Magic InstructorParallel World Pharmacy, and The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner.

Previously translating Magic Robot Aluminare

I was previously helping translate Magi’s Grandson over at, Summoned Slaughterer at and Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou over at .

I also help as a grammar editor of Magic, Mechanic, Shuraba which can be found here on Moon Bunny and also do grammar edits on Magi Craft Meister over at I also act as a Typesetter for Fantasy Maid manhua at

I’m looking for willing slaves helpers to be my English editor, leave a message on the contact us form if you are interested

Also if you like what I did, please leave a tip to show appreciation


Anytip is appreciated

11 thoughts on “joeglens”

    1. I don’t have a fix schedule since I’m a working professional (engineer).

      So I can spend more time translating if I’m not busy at work or at home with the family.

      But I have been concentrating on my own project this past month that I’m only offering small support on the other projects I listed

      1. By what I meant before is to translate one series at a time it looks like you’re translating at least 4 different novels if possible put the other ones on hold until you’ve either caught up with the series or reach a reasonable stopping point.

      1. I don’t really mind the project, just looking for a way to help out. Currently not able to donate, but I do have a lot of free time while I search for a new job lol

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