Translation Assistant Tool updated to v3.0!

Big major update to the app! Text to Speech is now supported for JP and CN texts. You will need to download and install Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime v11 (x86 version only) and the language pack for JP and CN to enable Text to Speech support.

Check the requirement section to get the download links of the required files for enabling Text to Speech



Translation Assistant Tool v2.4.1

New version of my app is ready to download here.

v2.4.1 – 11/14/15
– Few more bugfixes
– Added autosave function (everytime “Enter” is pressed)
– Added function to hide progress (special request from AmnesicCat so she doesn’t hyperventilate from the amount of lines needed translated)
– Added more punctuations (Single and Double Title Bracket, Long Dash)
– Added function to jump lines by double clicking on a raw sentence on either top or bottom review boxes

I also have made my app open source, you can download the source file on the same link above. You will need a minimum, Visual Studio Express 2015. Be aware that the source file is not commented and not fully optimized. If anyone knows how to integrate the dll files for MeCab and Jparser that is being used on Translation Aggregator, please send me a message so I can implement this internally on my app

Translation Assistant Tool latest round of bug fixes


  • Mutiple save in a single session appends mutiple copies of translation text that inflate file size
  • Add Phrase OK button was disabled all the time
  • Changing profile wont load that profile’s dictionary (need restart of app to load dictionary)
  • New parse characters doesn’t update immediately after profile save (need restart of app to load dictionary)

check the project page for the download link

Translation Assistant Tool v2.0 released

Updated version of the Translation Assistant Tool is now available.

Following features have been added:

  • Unobtrusive spell checker (will only underline, in red, the words that are spelled incorrectly. With option to add to custom dictionaries)
  • Shortcuts to insert special punctuation (Single Quote「 」, Double Quote『 』, Lenticular【】,Ellipsis …, and Wave Dash 〜”

you can find the program here

leave a comment if you see any bugs or want a  feature request

Quick update

I was thinking of re-coding my translation assistant tool in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) forms instead of the traditional WinForms to add more features to it without bundling a bunch of dll files to it. I want the application to be a single executable file without any installation files

I will have to do the transition of the app over the weekend. Anyway Slave Career is already at 50% done, will probably have a new chapter up either tomorrow or Thursday night EST