Slave Career Planner Can Be A Successful Profession REBOOT

Hello everyone, I have left this project stagnant far too long, so long that the author decided to rewrite the flow of the story to publish it, although it didn’t change the overall story it did change the timeline quite a bit, so if you have read this novel previously you will be delighted that the author added more details to the world building and flavor context that’s its worth a re-read from the beginning.

So im translating the reboot of the story from the beginning.

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Slave Career Planner Volume 1 Chapter 6

As per the changes of the author I mentioned last time, I have also merged the chapters the way he did.

So here are the new chapter links:

Volume 1 Chapter 1-3
Volume 1 Chapter 4-6

Here is the link for those who only want to read chapter 6

I would like to thank Kirindas for proofreading chapters 3-5 and Solistia for proofreading chapter 6



Update 20:00

The chapter numbering have changed! I have changed it by merging chapters in volume 1 and volume 2. Everyone please be aware that the bookmarks have merged! I apologized for the inconvenience I caused to everyone.

Because there is a person now who proofreads in large quantities, we are slowly in the midst of proofreading. We have completed up to Volume 3 Chapter 17.

Because I’m so busy right now, there would be delays in comment replies, I simply ask to forgive me for it.

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joeglens-san, thank you for the English translation!