Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 2 Episode 1

What is this? A new chapter out so quick? Have I become a super fast translator? Sadly the last question is a no. The reason there is a new chapter this quick was because AmnesicCat was so hooked on the story that she translated a whole chapter for me. This is now her early Christmas present to me.

I would like to thank as usual LittleShanks for editing the chapter and as always.


Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 1 Ep 13

Finally the last episode of chapter 1 is ready to read. I would like to thank AmnesicCat and LaSolistia in helping me check some of my translation for accuracy and LittleShanks for editing.

Also quick update on Bastard Magic Instructor: translation is done and it’s 40% done on editing/proofreading. I will try to push this out this week

Another Author-senpai noticed me again!!!

Woohoo the 2nd one after Slave Career Planner. The author of Parallel World Pharmacy had emailed directly me thanking for the English translation, this is what she (assumed base on name) said on her email. (she emailed me in English)

Dear Mr. Joeglens,

I’m the author of Parallel World Pharmacy(異世界薬局), Liz Takayama.
I was so impressed when I found your translation.
Thank you for your all hard work.
I wanted to translate myself though my translation skill is poor, I’m so grateful to you.
If you have some difficulty in translation of my novel, please ask me directly.
I will try to explain that part or replace in other English words.
Thank you again, now I’m looking forward to next story.

Best regards,
Liz Takayama.

I have replied to her, grateful for her praise the work that I and the rest of the editing team namely TaffyGirl13, takurasel, masadeer, TheBathrobeKing, and LittleShanks had done.

Now back to more translation after getting out of my normal day job

Parallel World Pharmacy teaser

Greetings lurkers, as I was lurking on the syosetu ranking page looking for whats popular when this one caught my eye. This prologue also serves as a decent synopsis on what to expect. I might or might not continue translating the other chapters.

If you are interested in the raws, it can be found here. So without futher ado, read on.

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