Otherworld Nation Founding Chapter 1 Episode 5

Although the title of the episode is “Agriculture and Livestock” it seems the author forgot the Livestock part and wrote “True Episode 6 – Livestock” half-way through the episode, which I assume he forgot about it when he posted “Episode 6 – Hunting and Hunting-Gathering”.

So I’m just gonna post this chapter since I have already translated everything before True Episode 6, and will continue to translate True Episode 6 as Episode 5.5


Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 1 Episode 1 and 2

The author of Mr. Nobu’s Otherworld Chronicles had deleted the novel on syosetu because he is planning to publish them. Seems like the novel is almost complete and missing one chapter before it got deleted. Although I was able to get the text using google cache, it is still missing the last chapter. So I will have to wait for the LN to come out and probably continue this. For now it’s dropped.

Due to that I have replace it with this novel, sentences are short which was easy to translate. This will keep me motivated in translating if I get translators block on my other projects. I have also contacted the author for permission and still waiting for a reply.

This WN is fun to read and you will definitely get a chuckle on some of the scenes.