Magic Robot Aluminare: Broken Aluminare Part 3

Rejoice leechers, for the last part of chapter 1 is here. Also you might have notice that there is a teaser project called Parallel World Pharmacy, the author was mostly writing Sci-Fi story and this is his first foray into the Fantasy setting, so expect some SF in that work.

Anyway enjoy Chapter 1 Part 3
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Magic Robot Aluminare : Prologue

This is a translation work I did by myself when I have spare time from my Real Life work and my other projects.┬áThus this took a while to finish. I’m still gonna do the rest of the chapters but it will not be a consistent update, so don’t expect too much.

This has been done without proofreading as I’m not really good at it, but I tried my best to make sure grammar is OK. I’m open to anybody who wants to PR this.

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