9 thoughts on “Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 11”

  1. Welcome back Joeglens. We’ve been eagerly awaiting your return. Just to point out,(not sure if you’ve noticed) Paichun “picked” up the series while you were away, and they’re currently on Ch 2 Ep 13/14. Still, you have your standard quality and I’m quite eager to see the differences in quality. Again, Welcome back Joeglens and thanks for the chapter.

    1. I knew paichun is doing sponsored chaps, and his announcements on chap 10 and 11 irked me the wrong way, so I’m not sure he would be willing to work with me and follow my lead on the TL flow

    1. We have differences in principles, i don’t do sponsored chaps and I think he wont follow my lead on how the TL will flow if you read their announcements on chapter 10 and 11

  2. Thank you for the translation! I’m glad you’re doing the translations without requiring “donations” as I would do the same if I could (sadly, I only know Chinese and Wuxia novels don’t spark my interests anymore…) I don’t remember if I’ve commented before, but welcome back! 🙂

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