Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 10

Sorry for the delay on this chapter, was super busy IRL and would be for the next few weeks, so updates will be sparse.

I would like to thank Nexias for editing this chapter.


18 thoughts on “Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 10”

  1. No worries… I was just stalking the site. As long as you don’t put a restraining order on then it’s all good right?

    Okay, jokes aside thanks a lot for this and hope for best for ya in may as it’s always a busy month for some reason or another. Good luck if you need it and thanks once again

    1. Don’t tell a translator he should stop translating a project he decided to spend his free time on just because he is not fast enough for you. If you want something faster do it yourself.

      1. Shut up fool people can do what they want don’t force your own shitty beliefs on them.

        I like this novel and I like the TL but he has a lot on in RL so should bring in help or join a team that will help speed up/edit his work. From what i can see he takes no donations so more respect for him.

        Good day to you Sir

  2. If you look at the status thing on the side, the date finally updated. Therefore, I presume they’re getting back into it soon enough.

  3. Please allow another team to pick it up and focus on real life issues until you have free time to come back and start a new translation project.

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