Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 8

I would like to thank Nexias for editing this long chapter

EDIT: I’m correcting a mistranslation on one sentence, I forgot to add the pharmacy name of Pierre which is called Apricum per Foliis (Sunshine through the Leaves) Pharmacy.
I have also renamed Diversis Mundi Pharmacy to to original latin name of Diversis Mundi Pharmacy.


Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 2 Ep 6

I would like to thank Parth and BigRedComrade for editing this chapter. As you have seen on the progress at the sidebar, editing took a little longer, while I’m already halfway through the next chapter.

I would like to take this opportunity to recruit a dedicated Editor for Parallel World Pharmacy. I just need a native English speaker to rewrite the lines that are awkward to read and to check for grammar.