Parallel World Pharmacy peace offering

Sorry for the lack of updates on Parallel World Pharmacy, I have been busy IRL and was so focused on Otherworld Nation Founding. But don’t worry, I’m not dropping it anytime soon, just need to balance my work/life/hobby situation.

Having said that, this is my peace offering to you folks out there waiting for it.I present you, Ellen, from the great illustrator of the Parallel world Pharmacy Light Novel, KeepOut

CaTUdAyVAAA-fWbSOURCE Web Novel Ranking for January 2016

I would like to thanks the fine folks at Translator’s Corner Discord server especially LaSolistia, Kookie, Hawk994, and SeventhRealm for helping me TL the synopsis for this months ranking.


And I need to get back to work on my project, but too much distraction at the moment. Especially that I’m having so much fun playing this: