Translation Assistant Tool updated to v3.0!

Big major update to the app! Text to Speech is now supported for JP and CN texts. You will need to download and install Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime v11 (x86 version only) and the language pack for JP and CN to enable Text to Speech support.

Check the requirement section to get the download links of the required files for enabling Text to Speech



3 thoughts on “Translation Assistant Tool updated to v3.0!”

  1. For some reason, whenever i download and run it. It won’t open, neither will any of the older versions.
    Got any idea what i’m doing wrong?

      1. I’ve got win10 and i’ve tried installing it in the past but it said that it was built into the OS.
        So honestly, i’m kind of at my wits end.
        Whenever i run it, it gives no reaction.
        This might be an odd request, but could you do a video tutorial on how to use it from scratch? Because that is where i think i’m going wrong. I just downloaded the original translator from Verse, stuck yours inside there and tried to run it.

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