Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 2 Episode 1

What is this? A new chapter out so quick? Have I become a super fast translator? Sadly the last question is a no. The reason there is a new chapter this quick was because AmnesicCat was so hooked on the story that she translated a whole chapter for me. This is now her early Christmas present to me.

I would like to thank as usual LittleShanks for editing the chapter and as always.


Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 1 Chapter 1

Its finally here!!!! After weeks of translating and editing, chapter 1 of Bastard Magic Instructor is done!

I would like to thank LaSolistia and AmnesicCat for some lines that needed translation check. I would also like to thank Daily, Boyce98, Brian, Andrew, Tyr, and Shinjoiu for editing this almost 10K words chapter.


Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 1 Ep 13

Finally the last episode of chapter 1 is ready to read. I would like to thank AmnesicCat and LaSolistia in helping me check some of my translation for accuracy and LittleShanks for editing.

Also quick update on Bastard Magic Instructor: translation is done and it’s 40% done on editing/proofreading. I will try to push this out this week

Translation Assistant Tool v2.4.1

New version of my app is ready to download here.

v2.4.1 – 11/14/15
– Few more bugfixes
– Added autosave function (everytime “Enter” is pressed)
– Added function to hide progress (special request from AmnesicCat so she doesn’t hyperventilate from the amount of lines needed translated)
– Added more punctuations (Single and Double Title Bracket, Long Dash)
– Added function to jump lines by double clicking on a raw sentence on either top or bottom review boxes

I also have made my app open source, you can download the source file on the same link above. You will need a minimum, Visual Studio Express 2015. Be aware that the source file is not commented and not fully optimized. If anyone knows how to integrate the dll files for MeCab and Jparser that is being used on Translation Aggregator, please send me a message so I can implement this internally on my app