Translation Assistant Tool latest round of bug fixes


  • Mutiple save in a single session appends mutiple copies of translation text that inflate file size
  • Add Phrase OK button was disabled all the time
  • Changing profile wont load that profile’s dictionary (need restart of app to load dictionary)
  • New parse characters doesn’t update immediately after profile save (need restart of app to load dictionary)

check the project page for the download link



Update 20:00

The chapter numbering have changed! I have changed it by merging chapters in volume 1 and volume 2. Everyone please be aware that the bookmarks have merged! I apologized for the inconvenience I caused to everyone.

Because there is a person now who proofreads in large quantities, we are slowly in the midst of proofreading. We have completed up to Volume 3 Chapter 17.

Because I’m so busy right now, there would be delays in comment replies, I simply ask to forgive me for it.

Currently: 212th place in over-all ranking

joeglens-san, thank you for the English translation!


Translation Assistant Tool v2.0 released

Updated version of the Translation Assistant Tool is now available.

Following features have been added:

  • Unobtrusive spell checker (will only underline, in red, the words that are spelled incorrectly. With option to add to custom dictionaries)
  • Shortcuts to insert special punctuation (Single Quote「 」, Double Quote『 』, Lenticular【】,Ellipsis …, and Wave Dash 〜”

you can find the program here

leave a comment if you see any bugs or want a  feature request

Syosetu Monthly Web Novel Ranking September 30, 2015

I had started this monthly ranking on Reddit early last month, which can be found here.

Now its time to update this ranking. It was a little bit stable up to the middle of the month and it was swinging wildly. Last months ranker had dropped and was replaced with fresh ones. Also its rare to see (for me anyway) romance type novels in the top 5 as it is usually dominated by fantasy type novels

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