3 thoughts on “Parallel World Pharmacy Chapter 1 Episode 11”

  1. Thanks for the chapter! BTW, you seem to have a couple issues with the thou’s and the thee’s in the messages:

    “Once thee have come of age” —> In this case, “thee” should be “thou”. “Thee” is an objective pronoun, where “thou” is nominative:
    — “I’m speaking to thee” (objective)
    — “Thou art speaking to me”. (nominative)

    “it will be good if thou to apply for a duel” —> “thou were to apply for a duel” The verb disappeared here.

    “and seek to divest the throne from thee.” —-> “divest me of the throne” since Falma is to remove ownership of the throne from the Queen and not the reverse.

    “It will not be a fair fight if thou is not yet an adult.” —-> “if thou are not yet an adult” or “thou art” if you really want to make it sound archaic/medieval.

    Aside from that, keep up the good word and all these updates coming!

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