This site is still being visited?

I should probably update this site often……… i could see that people are still visiting this site.

Well anyway for an update, I was coding an app for the PC to help me translate faster. It was base on the program from this siteĀ . But I wanted more features and the window resizing sucks. I don’t know auto-hotkey scripting but I knew Visual Basic so I created my own version of that tool with features that I want. I had some other machine and machine assisted translator friends testing the software.

There are still some bugs to fix so once those are done I will post the application here


6 thoughts on “This site is still being visited?”

  1. Hi Joeglens, how’ve you been? I notice your link for “The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner” in the right tab panel is dead. Anyway, I’m here to come up with an offer for you! I had started translating Restoration magic but then stop after one chapter, but now it looks like someone picked it up (1 month later) on moonbunnycafe! ( So now that it’s been picked up, how would you like to start translating another novel with me!?!? Isn’t it great if we could team up together to release another translated novel? I’m thinking of either net auction (code n3102y on syosetu), or The cheat for me (code n0442cd on nocturne syotesu *contains some sex as well as some rape scenes). What do you think, isn’t this a genius idea?

      1. Fufufu, like I would accept a no so easily (joke). I could help you release a few chapters of Slave Career Plan if you’re willing to accept me as a guest translator (with permission to refuse edits I disagree with later, but I welcome edits). Just tell me what chapters.

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