Magic Robot Aluminare : Prologue

This is a translation work I did by myself when I have spare time from my Real Life work and my other projects. Thus this took a while to finish. I’m still gonna do the rest of the chapters but it will not be a consistent update, so don’t expect too much.

This has been done without proofreading as I’m not really good at it, but I tried my best to make sure grammar is OK. I’m open to anybody who wants to PR this.

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Something new again July 9, 2015

Good day leechers!!

There are new things that have come to my Novelsphere plate but before that, some news in Translation Land

Magi’s Grandson:

There is some changes to the workflow on that project as the Supreme Leader was contemplating on removing our current Translator Checker for he has been MIA ever since he was dispatch to the front line of RealLifeTM war. IF, and that’s a big if, we go on that route, translation accuracy will now rely on the supreme leader for she has the highest proficiency among us machine translators working on the project. But i still hope that KobatoChanDaisuki will help us on translation checking. Anyway it will be decided this week.

Summoned Slaughterer:

There are no issues on this project…… maybe, i will have to check on our resident editor Masadeer if he’s still busy with school. But so far everything is on schedule

Magic, Mechanic, Shuraba:

Translations have slowed down because the main translator is on some kind of military camp and had extra patrol duties. He says he will be done with 3 chaps this week and will be trying to aim for 3.5 chaps per week, so take this with a grain of salt since there might be unexpected events that will derail this plan. Always assume that Murphy is just lurking around on that corner, ready to deliver pain.

Fantasy Maid:

Chapter 10 is done, but we can’t upload it after we are done with Chapter 9. The reason 10 was done first was because of some misunderstanding. The original translator group mistakenly mark Chapter 8 part 2 as 9, so we are also doing the actual chapter 9.

That’s all for the news in Translation Land. I should probably do a weekly inside scoop news from the translator groups that I have in contact with ^_^.

Well anyway I have took on another project because I like the story. I decided to help with translating an R18 novel. Having read 3 chapters, its like a combination of Onani Master Kurosawa and Nana to Kaoru. The title itself already says everything: Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou. It translate to How to Skilfully make a Beautiful Girl into a Meat Toilet





Don’t judge me!!!!!!

Edit for the curious: Link Nikubenki Chapter 1