Something new 06-27-15

Heya peepz its update time in the land of translations.

As usual, Kerepek_man is still slowly checking Magi’s Grandson, and the expected helper KobatoChanDaisuki got sick and wont be able to join the team immediately. So don’t expect Chapter 14 to be up anytime soon

We have already translated and edited Chapter 15 of Summoned Slaughterer 7 hours ago from the time this is posted. So expect a new update from Kerambit soon

I’m still editing Magic, Mechanic, Shuraba. The translators are working hard so expect a consistent update on it.

Then there is a new one. As announced on Japtem’s website, I’m gonna be joining a side project of translating Manwha. I’m the typesetter, we need cleaners to help our project, so head over at Japtem’s website and submit an application if you can do it.

One more thing, visit if you want to know what are the translators/editors are doing when they are not translating

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