Getting Distracted

I have watch Kung Fury…. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

and so i downloaded the game: Kung Fury: Street Rage for android and got totally addicted. I’m trying to reach the top spot of scoring more than 250,000, so far I’m ranked 4th for now at 60, 690. Need to get the timing right if I’m going to be at the top spot

So because of this, my translation speed of Summoned Slaughterer is almost crawling at best. But there are only 2 pages left to translate, so i might be able post chapter 14 this week since Masadeer can blitz thru editing it in a matter of minutes.

About Magi’s Grandson, Ch 14 is now on Translation Checking but since there is only one checker (Kerepek_Man), although busy with real life, he is slowly working on it. But i have no idea when is gonne be done with it.

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