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Old Guy Machine Translator and your friendly neighborhood Admin for MoonBunnyCafe and Aho-Updates.com

Currently translating, Parallel World Pharmacy,  The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner, Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles, and Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor.

I was previously translating Magic Robot Aluminare

I was previously helping translate Magi’s Grandson over at http://www.japtem.com, Summoned Slaughterer at http://kerambitnosakki.wordpress.com and Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou over at http://holdxandclick.wordpress.com/.

I also help as a grammar editor of Magic, Mechanic, Shuraba which can be found here on Moon Bunny and also do grammar edits on Magi Craft Meister over at http://natsutl.wordpress.com. I also act as a Typesetter for Fantasy Maid manhua at http://www.japtem.com

Also if you like what I did, please leave a tip to show appreciation

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  1. Not sure if this is only me but underneath “Also if you like what I did, please leave a tip to show appreciation” I don’t see any donation button. Is anyone else having this problem? I’ve looked at the page on chrome and on firefox and still only see an empty space where I presume it to be.

  2. Thank you so very much for all your hard work guys!! I truly enjoy the novel parallel world pharmacy. I’ll start on the other novels now 🙂 I found parallel world pharmacy through readlightnovel.com. Then I use the name to search for your site, take time but finally found you guys!
    Thank you again! If I haven’t found you guys I’ll be stuck at shirouyukineko lol. I’ll read your other novels now. Thanks again!

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